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Today is Read throughout America Day, a day devoted to encouraging children to review that has traditionally been identified with the children"s author, Dr. Seuss.

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However, president Joe Biden may have broken an unofficial presidential legacy by omitting Dr. Seuss native his main proclamation to mark the day.

The Claim

Conservative voices have actually accused Biden of breaking v a heritage by not discussing Seuss. A Fox News short article shared an ext than 400,000 time on Facebook, claimed Biden had actually "erased" the writer from Read throughout America.

Shortly after ~ the president"s address, Republican California branch candidate Errol Webber claimed "Biden has actually just eliminated Dr. Seuss." The tweet has been like an ext than 1,000 times on Twitter.

Others have echoed similar sentiments on social media.

Joe Biden has actually just removed Dr. Seuss native “Read throughout America” since he thinks the publications are racists.Joe, just because you can’t check out them doesn’t typical they’re racist!

— Errol Webber (
ErrolWebber) march 2, 2021

The Facts

Read throughout America work was created by the National education Association in 1998 and also was initially synonymous with the children"s writer Dr. Seuss, falling on his birthday on in march 2.

Former presidents invoice Clinton and George W. Bush did not make any Read across America work proclamations.

However, former President Barack Obama started a short-lived tradition by discussing Dr. Seuss in each among his Read throughout America day proclamations indigenous 2009 till 2016.

In 2009, Obama said: "On Read throughout America Day, we partner with the National education Association and also mark the date of birth of Theodor Geisel, who beloved Dr. Seuss publications still inspire kids throughout the civilization to read."

Then in 2016, Obama referred to as Seuss "one of America"s revered wordsmiths," and also said "Theodor Seuss Geisel—or Dr. Seuss—used his incredible talent to instill in his most impressionable readers universal values us all hold dear.

"Through a prolific collection of stories, that made kids see that analysis is fun, and in the process, that emphasized respect because that all; moved us to expropriate ourselves for that we are; tested preconceived notions and encouraged trying brand-new things; and also by example, taught us that us are restricted by nothing however the variety of our aspirations and the vibrancy of our imaginations.

"And for older lovers of literature, he reminded united state not to take ourselves as well seriously, developing wacky and also wild characters and also envisioning an innovative and colorful places."

President Donald Trump continued the legacy by mentioning Dr. Seuss in every Read across America job proclamation except in 2017 when very first lady Melania Trump review Dr. Seuss to children at a hospital.

At the time, the former very first lady said: "Dr. Seuss has carried so much joy, laughter and enchantment right into children"s resides all approximately the world for generations.

"Through his captivating rhymes, Dr. Seuss has actually delighted and also inspired children while to teach them to read, to dream, and also to care."

In 2020, trump said: "On this Read across America Day, we recall the motivational indigenous of Dr. Seuss—an American symbol of literature—and impart his wisdom on ours Nation"s young people: "You"re off to an excellent Places! this particular day is her day! Your mountain is waiting, so...get on your way!""


American author and illustrator Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904-1991) works on illustrations for one of his children"s publications at his desk at house in La Jolla, California, April 1957. President Joe Biden walk not mention Dr. Seuss in his Read across America work proclamation. Gene Lester/GettyBiden walk not cite Dr. Seuss in his Read throughout America day proclamation.

In Biden"s Read throughout America work proclamation, he said: "The key to emerging young learners right into engaged, active, and innovative thinkers is instilling in them a love of reading at an early age. Analysis is the gateway to countless skills and possibilities—it sets children on the path to a lifetime of discovery.

"On this Read throughout America Day, we celebrate the parents, educators, librarians, and also other champions of reading who aid launch ours Nation"s youngsters on that critical path."

Biden walk not mention Dr. Seuss through name, finishing the short tradition lugged out by previous presidents Obama and also Trump.

"The proclamation was composed by the room of Education and also you could definitely speak come them about an ext specifics around the drafting the it, yet Read throughout America Day has actually not exist forever," White home Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday. "It has only been around for a short duration of time. That elevates and also celebrates a love of reading amongst our nation"s youngest readers and also the job is also a opportunity to celebrate varied authors who work and also lived endure reflect the diversity of our country.

"That"s absolutely what castle what they attempt to perform or expect to perform this year. And also as we celebrate the love of reading and uplift diverse and representative authors, the is especially important that we ensure all youngsters can view themselves represented and celebrated commemorated in the books that castle read."

In response to a question asking if the Read throughout America day is partnering v Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the NEA says: "There"s a farming need for schools and libraries to include and promote diverse books."

"Students need books that provide both windows and mirrors if we room going to create more readers, writers, and people that feel included and also recognized, and also who recognize that the human being is much richer than simply their experiences alone.

"NEA recognizes the should work with a an ext diverse variety of organizations and also publishers to fulfill this need, and the Read across America brand is currently one the is independent of any kind of one details book, publisher, or character."

The National education and learning Association no longer is partnering with Dr. Seuss.

The Ruling

Mostly True.

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Biden damaged a tradition by not discussing Dr. Seuss in his Read across America work proclamation. Yet the National education and learning Association has said that Read across America day no longer is partnered v Dr. Seuss Enterprises.