Dr. Phil has actually been wed come his beloved wife, Robin McGraw, for more than 45 years now. Considering the talk present host claimed “it to be love at an initial sight” between the two, Dr. Phil’s feelings are stronger 보다 ever regardless of all the moment that has passed.

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The lovebirds fully hit off adhering to their very first date practically five decades ago. “I in reality knew that very first evening i sat and visited with him the he to be The One,” the doting wife gushed in an exclusive interview with Closer in April 2018.


The couple’s partnership goes ago to the 1970s adhering to Dr. Phil’s divorce indigenous his very first spouse, Debbie Higgins. The former couple was married native 1970 to 1973, and also the Emmy award winner to be lucky enough to discover love again through Robin quickly after your split.

Dr. Phil and the auburn-haired beauty beauty made your romance main when they tied the node in respectable 1976. The Dr. Phil star and also Robin began their family three years later, welcoming their first son, Jay McGraw, ~ above September 12, 1979. The pair’s 2nd son, Jordan McGraw, made his arrival on October 21, 1986.


Juggling busy careers and also maintaining a decades-long marriage doesn’t it seems ~ like straightforward feat, yet for Dr. Phil and also Robin, it’s pretty simple. “We really reap being together,” the specialized husband previously mutual with Closer in 2016.

Though Dr. Phil and also Robin have withstood their ups and downs prefer every other couple, they’ve controlled to balance their numerous responsibilities while maintaining their family and marriage in ~ the optimal of their priority list.


Speaking with Closer in 2018, Dr. Phil said he believes the two are able to store their relationship stronger than ever since of his one small secret. “Me saying, ‘Yes, Dear!"” the Self Matters author quipped, if Robin credited their openness and shared worths for gift the adhesive that has actually bound lock together.

“We talked about our needs and I told that that ns couldn’t be married in a residence with conflict. Mine mother and father never ever raised your voices and my father adored mine mother, therefore I had actually to understand that i was loved and also adored,” Robin explained. “I said him ns don’t live in a fairy tale, however I needed to be treated v dignity and also respect.”

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Robin Is one Author

Dr. Phil isn’t the only talented writer in the family! having penned numerous books, Robin is a #1 New York Times best-selling author. She authored number of books, including Inside my Heart, Christmas In my Home and Heart, What’s period Got to perform With It? Living your Healthiest and also Happiest Life and others.


Robin Is precious A the majority of Money

Combined with that of she husband, Robin has actually a net worth the an approximated $460 million, per Celebrity network Worth.

Robin Is a Grandmother

Now that Jay and also Jordan room all grown up, they’ve started creating beautiful families of your own! Currently, Robin and Dr. Phil room the proud grandparents of three grandchildren. Their kid Jay share his two kids, Avery and London, through wife Erica Dahm, while Jordan is the dad of his daughter, Row, v spouse Morgan Stewart.

As the doting grand told Closer, he and Robin love come be approximately their small ones. “They live nearby, for this reason we favor to invest a lot of time through them,” the dished.

Robin and also Dr. Phil room the Perfect Match

When it concerns their relationship, Robin claimed it’s her hubby who has strength, compassion and ability to stay concentrated under the toughest circumstances. “He’s the one who’s constantly thinking through his head. Ns think with my heart,” she said Closer.

Robin and Dr. Phil Live in Beverly Hills

With a network worth of an ext than $400 million, it’s no surprise the duo live in a huge mansion. According to reports, they reside in a 15,000-square-foot legacy in Beverly Hills, which lock purchased for $29.5 million in 2011. The residence comes with five bedrooms, nine complete bathrooms and also two half-bathrooms.

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