Dorit Kemsley to be a welcome enhancement when she joined the "Real Housewives that Beverly Hills" back in Season 7. Even an ext welcome? she husband, Paul Kemsley, well-known to the Bravo-verse as merely PK. Good, entertain house-husbands are difficult to come by, yet PK did not shy far from the cameras, whether he to be listening to his mam talk about the drama in between the females or even starting some of his own, like when he started "Pantygate," a season-long fight amongst the entire actors over even if it is or no Erika Jayne to be wearing panties top top a night out on the town. 

PK also has his re-superstructure of friend who appear on the show, not the least of which is his client Boy George, who lived with the couple for a time. PK is a type of jack of all trades. His main gig is to run Nixxi Entertainment through his wife, a talent agency that manages the abovementioned Boy George and also athletes prefer the Brazilian football player Pelé, per Romper. PK, that hails native the U.K. Is likewise a land developer, i beg your pardon is where he originally earned his fortune. For example, per The Guardian, way back in 2006 the bought a plot of floor in London because that $50.8 million, which he finished up offering for a $40 million profit. For this reason that"s exactly how Dorit affords every one of her glam. 

Still, PK"s finances to be under part speculation in the exactly how much is he worth now?

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Paul Kemsley is supposedly worth $50 million, per Celebrity net Worth. But there has been speculation the he and also his wife, "Real Housewives the Beverly Hills" star Dorit, don"t have any money. It was carried up in Season 9 by Camille Grammar, that pointed in ~ PK"s legit issues, which reportedly emerged before he met Dorit. She explained, per Bravo, "PK"s affairs, and also whoever"s coming the end trying come say he owes him money, the is from one more lifetime ago. It"s means before me, it"s method before his bankruptcy. It"s in ~ the height — and also unfortunately, as soon as you come to be public, they come out of the woodworks and that"s precisely what"s happening. There"s far much more to the story than what people think the they know, and also there"s a lot of that ns can"t say, obviously, due to the fact that it"s in the hands of the lawyers and also where it need to be."

Still, her financial institution account to be frozen due to the fact that it was in her name, together was the residence that castle live in. In another interview on "RHOBH," she described that there"s nothing shady about their house being under she name and also not her husband"s. To prove the point, the pair even detailed their Encino mansion because that $9.5 million in 2020, i m sorry is more than the initial $6 million castle paid.

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Clearly, they room not all that worried around their cash flow. Yet that doesn"t typical that Dorit and PK won"t still it is in going all out to present the remainder of the "RHOBH" females what they"ve got.