Long before he to be a challenger for the united state presidency, Donald Trump was America's many famous and also colourful billionaire.

Once thought about a long shot for the presidency, the 74-year-old is currently out of office ~ a solitary term - however he continues to be a force within the Republican party.

Scepticism over his candidacy because that the 2016 election had stemmed not just from his controversial communication on immigration and also outrageous campaign style however from his celebrity past.

Yet the businessman had actually the last laugh once he defied every predictions come beat much much more seasoned politicians in the Republican primary race.

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He climate went a step further by to win the presidential election, among the most divisive and controversial contests in life memory, against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

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Mr trump is the 4th child of brand-new York actual estate tycoon Fred Trump. Despite the family's wealth, that was supposed to work the lowest-tier tasks within his father's company and was sent out off to a army academy at age 13 as soon as he began misbehaving in school.

After attending the Wharton college at the college of Pennsylvania he became favourite to succeed his father when his larger brother, Fred, decided to come to be a pilot. Fred Trump died at 43 from alcoholism, an event that his brother says led the to prevent alcohol and also cigarettes his whole life.

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Mr Trump says he gained into genuine estate with a "small" $1m loan indigenous his father before joining the company. The helped manage his father's extensive portfolio of residential housing projects in the new York City boroughs, and took manage of the agency - i beg your pardon he renamed the Trump organization - in 1971.

Shifting his family's company from residential systems in Brooklyn and also Queens to glitzy Manhattan projects, grandfather Trump changed the summary Commodore Hotel into the grand Hyatt and erected the most famous Trump property, the 68-storey trump card Tower on fifth Avenue. Various other properties bearing the well known name complied with - trumped Place, Trump human being Tower, Trump worldwide Hotel and Tower, and also so on. There room Trump Towers in Mumbai, Istanbul and the Philippines.

And mr Trump developed hotels and also casinos, an arm of the company that has led to four bankruptcy filings (for the businesses, not personal bankruptcy).

He likewise built realm in the entertain business. Native 1996 till 2015, he was an owner in the miss out on Universe, miss USA, and also Miss teenager USA beauty beauty pageants. In 2003, he debuted one NBC fact television show called The Apprentice, in which contestants contended for a shot at a management job within mr Trump's organisation. He held the display for 14 seasons, and also said in a jae won disclosure form that he had been payment a total of $213m by the network during the show's run.

He has written numerous books, and also owns a line of merchandise the sells whatever from neckties come bottled water. Follow to Forbes, his net worth is $2.5bn (£1.9bn).

In September, the brand-new York time reported that regardless of his purported wealth, mr Trump paid simply $750 in federal revenue tax both in 2016 and in his an initial year in the White House. The former president dismissed the report together "fake news".

Mr Trump has been married 3 times, though his most renowned wife to be his an initial - Ivana Zelnickova, a Czech athlete and also model. The couple had three youngsters - Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric - prior to they filed for divorce in 1990. The ensuing court battle made for numerous stories in the tabloid press. Those stories contained allegations the he was abusive in the direction of Ivana, despite she later downplayed the incidents.

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He married actress Marla Maples in 1993. They had actually a daughter called Tiffany prior to divorcing in 1999. That married his current wife, Slovenian version Melania Knauss, in 2005, and also the couple have one son, Barron william Trump.

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His children from his very first marriage now help run trump Organization, despite he is quiet chief executive. Ivanka, his eldest daughter, followed her dad come the White House, where she and her husband, Jared Kushner, offered as senior advisers.

Mr trumped expressed interest in to run for chairman as at an early stage as 1987, and also even gotten in the 2000 gyeongju as a revolutionary Party candidate.

After 2008, he became one the the many outspoken members that the "birther" movement, which doubted whether Barack Obama had actually been born in the US. Those cases have been thoroughly debunked; grandfather Obama to be born in Hawaii. Mr Trump finally admitted there was no truth to the insurance claims although, characteristically, there was no apology.

It to be not till June 2015 that Mr trump formally announced his entrance into the race for the White House.

"We need somebody that literally will take this country and make it good again. We can do that," he stated in his announcement speech, promising that as a candidate with no need to fundraise the answered come no distinct interests and was the perfect outsider candidate.

Under the banner make America an excellent Again, grandfather Trump ran a controversial campaign developed on promises to strengthen the American economy, develop a wall on the border that Mexico and also the US, and to temporarily ban immigration by Muslims "until ours country's representatives can figure out what is walk on".

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Despite substantial protests in ~ his campaign events and the best efforts the his Republican rivals Ted Cruz and also Marco Rubio, mr Trump became the presumptive Republican Party nominee because that president after the Indiana primary.