Donald Carlton Lemon, popularly well-known as Don Lemon is an American journalist. That is renowned for his job-related on NBC and also MSNBC. The award-winning reporter was the receiver of Edward R Murrow Award. That has likewise taken residence three regional Emmy Awards.


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Don Lemon's biography

Don to be born on first March 1966 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana together Donald Carlton Lemon. That is the son of grandfather Richardson (father) and Katherine Clark (mother). He has actually two sisters, namely Yma Lemon and Leisa Lemon.

After his primary school education, Don joined Baker High glossesweb.comllege in Baker eastern Baton Rouge Parish. Throughout his senior high glossesweb.comllege year, he was voted as the glossesweb.comurse president. Later, the enrolled at Louisiana State University. The graduated v a major in broadcast journalism indigenous Brooklyn glossesweb.comllege.


Don Lemon speaks onstage throughout The Hollywood Reporter"s Empowerment In to chat Even. Photo: Jesse GrantSource: Getty Images

Donald began his job while tho in glossesweb.comllege. He supplied to work for numerous Fox brand-new affiliates. Upon leaving glossesweb.comllege, he ongoing with his journalism job by functioning as a glossesweb.comrrespondent because that NBS in Chicago and also Philadelphia.

He likewise worked together an investigative reporter and also anchor because that KTVI in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2003, Don join NBC's owned and operated station WMAQ-TV as a reporter and also local news anchor. While functioning here, he won 3 Emmys.


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In September 2006, Donald join CNN glossesweb.comme voice glossesweb.comuntless serious however glossesweb.comntroversial glossesweb.comncerns in the unified States. He organized CNN's brand-new Year's Eve unique from brand-new Orleans. Recently, Don Lemon's ratings have actually been the talk of the town.

His CNN display has gained far-ranging viewership because its introduction. As of 2021, it has an audience of close to 2.2 million.

Wife and also partner

It to be alleged the Don Lemon married Stephanie Ortiz in a mystery ceremony. However, none came out to refuse or glossesweb.comnfirm the allegations. Later on on, he publicly revealed that he was gay and in a partnership with genuine estate agent Tim Malone.

Don got involved to his permanent boyfriend, Tim Malone, in April 2019. Malone proposed to him throughout his birthday. The journalist mutual this news v the adhering to words:


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Don Lemon and also Tim Malone to visit Tyler Perry Studios glossesweb.comol opening gala at Tyler Perry Studios. Photo: Paras GriffinSource: Getty Images


Don Lemon's CNN salary and also net precious

The jug American journalist and TV news anchor is just one of the highly-paid individuals in the unified States. Don Lemon's value is $4 million if his network worth is around $12 million.

Don Lemon is just one of the finest journalists CNN is proud to have. He has made headlines because that his expertise, and recently because of his ratings. Regardless, he glossesweb.comntinues to do good in what the knows finest how.

glossesweb.glossesweb.comm published the biography of actor, sporting activities journalist, and also radio host Stephen A Smith. The highly successful sporting activities personality has a far-reaching net worth worth from functioning for various establishments end the years.

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Stephen A Smith is among the many successful sporting activities reporters. His achievements in the market speak for themselves, making the an achieved star to be emulated.