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Don Lemon ( complete name: Donald Carlton Lemon) is an American tv journalist. Currently, Don master his own display called Don Lemon Tonight. Throughout his beforehand days together a journalist, Don anchored weekend news program on regional television train station in Alabama and Pennsylvania. Indigenous there, the went to job-related as a news correspondent for NBC top top its programming including NBC Nightly News and also Today.

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After leaving NBC, Don go to work-related for CN. The became component of CNN’s news team and additionally as a correspondent in 2006. Later, Don achieved prominence ~ he was made the presenter of CNN this evening in 2014. He won an Edward R. Murrow compensation and also holds three local Emmy Awards. During an on-air conversation in October 2018 around the migrant caravan, Don got criticism from conservatives after he proclaimed what was related to as dislike speech. It was announced in might 2021, that Don, in addition to his CNN fellow journalist called Chris Cuomo, would certainly launch a podcast named “The Handoff”. The audio show would center approximately “politics and also personal” and would additionally be teleprompter-free.

Don Lemon Age

He to be born on march 1, 1966, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United claims of America. Don is 55 years old.

Lemon’s photo

Don Lemon Height

He is a male of median stature. Bon stands at a height of 5 ft 8 in ( Approx 1.73m).

Don Lemon Family

He to be born come his parents Katherine Marie (Bouligney) and Wilmon Lee Richardson on in march 1, 1966, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United says of America. Lee is a former prominent attorney. He and his team challenged the distinction of public transport in Baton Rouge. Prior to marrying Wilmon, Katherine was married to another man. Don uncovered that Wilmon Lee to be his dad at the period of 5. Don hold American nationality by birth however belongs to African-American ancestry. His maternal grandmother was born to a black color mother and a white father through French and Scots-Irish ancestry.

Don Lemon Siblings

He flourished up with two older sisters L’Tanya and also Yma Lemon. In 2018, he lost his older sister L’Tanya Lemon Grimes aka “Leisha” in a fishing excursion in Denham Springs, La. She reportedly tripped and fell right into the neighborhood pond, coincidentally drowning.

Don Lemon first Wife

He at this time lives in one apartment in Harlem however has one more home in Sag port on long Island, brand-new York. In September 2010, Don had actually an on-air interview v members that Bishop Eddie Long’s congregation. He discussed being sexually molested by a ar teenage boy at about 5 or 6 years of age. The molestation ongoing until Don was thirty once he determined to call his mother about it.

Don Lemon wife | Husband

He married his gay partner called Tim Malone. Currently, Tim works as an legacy agent. The couple met each other for the an initial time in 2017 and also shortly after, they began dating. Don and also Tim announced your engagement ceremony in April 2019.

Don Lemon Education

He join Louisiana State University and later i graduated from Brooklyn college in 1996. In college, Don majored in transfer journalism. He interned in ~ WNYW when still at Brooklyn College. Also, he functioned for Fox affiliates based in St. Louis and also Chicago for some years former to ending up being a correspondent because that NBC affiliates based in Philadelphia and also Chicago.

Don Lemon CNN

He started his journalism job by serving as a reporter and weekend news anchor because that WBRC based in Birmingham, Alabama. Also, Don worked for WCAU in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He offered as an anchor and also investigative reporter for KTVI based in St. Louis, Missouri. Don reported because that NBC News’s new York City to work and additionally worked together a correspondent for both Today and NBC Nightly News. He served as one anchor top top Weekend Today and programs on MSNBC.

In 2003, he began working in ~ NBC-owned and also operated terminal WMAQ-TV 5 based in Chicago. There, Don was a reporter and also local news co-anchor. While at WMAQ, that won three Emmys for local reporting. Don became part of the CNN network in September 2006. In his work of criticizing the state that cable news and also questioning the network publicly at CNN has actually made him become an outspoken journalist. Don voiced strong opinions on just how the African-American community can enhance their lives.

Those opinions resulted in some controversy. Since 2014, Dan has actually been serving together the co-host that CNN’s new Year’s Eve special from brand-new Orleans through Brooke Baldwin. In January 2018, in a much-reported broadcast, Don presented his broadcast v the explain “This is CNN Tonight, I’m Don Lemon. The president of the United says is racist.” His outspoken criticism of the previous USA president Donald Trump administration as well together accusations that racism against Trump has actually made Don a target of Trump.

Don’s partner at CNN includes:

Julian Zelizer – comentator

Coy cable – anchor

Nick Valencia – correspondent

Eleni Giokos – anchor

Ben Wedeman – correspondent

Jennifer Westhoven – correspondent

Sandra Gonzalez – reporter

Irin Carmon – correspondent

Ryan Lizza – correspondent

Don Lemon Married Stephanie Ortiz

For years, there were rumors that Don and also actress Stephanie Ortiz were married secretly. However, neither Don no one Stephanie made public clarifications on the issue. We, therefore, tend to chalk it as a baseless claim. Currently, Don resides in hid truth and he opened up around his sexuality in his 2011 memoir, Transparent. Throughout the time that Don declared his sexual orientation publicly, Rachel Maddow and Thomas Roberts the MSNBC were the most prominent at the time.

Don Lemon Book

In his 2011 memoir, Transparent, Don publicly came out as gay. He had been out in his an individual life and with his near workmates. His gau declaration do him one of the couple of openly gay black men in broadcasting. Don talked around colorism in the black color community as well as the sex-related abuse he endured while cultivation up.

His book was specialized to Tyler Clementi, a college student who committed suicide after his roommate outed him online. Also, he declared that he has known around his sexuality together young as 5 or six. In October 2017, Don received death threats laced through racial slurs. He later filed a police report that in-depth the incident.

Don Lemon Tonight

At the finish of the execution of CNN Tonight through Don Lemon on might 14, 2021, the organize announced: “So, earlier I told girlfriend I had actually an announcement, and also I do. It’s to be really, really great. This is the critical night the we’ll be CNN Tonight through Don Lemon. So I evaluate all the years of CNN Tonight v Don Lemon, however changes are coming, and I will certainly fill girlfriend in”. The complying with morning, Don apologized because that “setting fire to” the internet. He likewise tweeted that his present would be change the name Don Lemon Tonight, beginning the following Monday.

Don Lemon Salary

He earns his income from his current function as the host of his own display called Don Lemon this evening on CNN. Don earns an average salary of $68,216 every year.

Don Lemon net Worth

Most of his wealth has actually been built up from his journalism career. Don has actually an approximated net worth of $1,026,845.

What taken place To Don Lemon Cnn Tonight

The display was initially referred to as CNN Tonight. On may 15, 2021, Don tweeted that his show would be renamed Don Lemon Tonight, beginning the following Monday.

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How Old Is Don Lemon

Don is a 55-year-old American journalist who was born on in march 1, 1966, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United states of America.