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Francie Frane is involved to Duane "Dog" Chapman, a producer and also actor best-known because that starring in Dog the Bounty Hunter, the American truth television series that aired from 2003 to 2012.

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Chapman revealed the couple"s wedding day on an episode of the Two males from Hollywood podcast, which aired on august 10, 2021.

During the episode, Chapman announced the pair will tie the node on September 2. "We saw the meet yesterday, picked it out," that said during the podcast. "Man it cost a lot to obtain married."

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The U.S. Sunlight reported the pair had gotten involved in might 2020, less than a year ~ the fatality of Chapman"s late wife, Beth Chapman, a producer and also actress who passed away battling cancer in June 2019.

Prior to the announcement of the wedding date, in early on August 2021 Chapman composed in one Instagram post: "My Francie Francie i Love friend !!!! and soon be proving that beyond a zero of a doubt!!!"

Asked formerly whether he would marry Frane, Chapman told The U.S. Sun in in march 2020: "There will never be one more Mrs Dog yet it looks choose there will be a final Mrs Chapman."

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Who Is Francie Frane?

Frane is a 52-year-old rancher native Colorado who met Chapman through her late husband Bob, who used to carry out yard occupational for the bounty hunter, according to The U.S. Sun.

Frane gained in touch through Chapman to educate him about the death of Bob (who died from cancer) after the bounty hunter left a voicemail asking if Bob can do some an ext work at his property, The U.S. Sun report in march 2020.

Bob died just a few months before the death of Chapman"s late mam Beth, according to The U.S. Sun.

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Frane and Chapman prospered Closer v Grieving Process

Frane and also Chapman bonded end the lose of their corresponding partners and helped each various other through the grieving process.

During the Two males from Hollywood podcast illustration in respectable 2021, Chapman said; "Francie"s husband passed far over three years ago, Beth passed far over two years earlier and ns felt really bad about even wanting to have actually someone else after Beth."

Chapman explained he realized: "God does not want a man to it is in alone," according to the Bible. "He to know we need a companion, whether we"re male or woman."

The bounty hunter said The U.S. Sun in march 2020: "I understand that once I begin to feeling bad about Beth and it"s overwhelming, Francie seems to present up and that helps the kids.

"And i feel the Beth expects she to display up to take treatment of me.

"And Bob, Francie"s late husband, expects me to it is in a man and also a gentleman and so ns am," that added.

Chapman claimed at the moment that he and Frane were occurring "a really real love" for each other and were really open around talking around their corresponding late spouses.

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"We console every other yet we also know that we have actually a responsibility and that is to carry out this right," that told The U.S. Sun in march 2020.


Duane Chapman watched at the "FOX & Friends" television display on respectable 28, 2019, in new York City. Bennett Raglin/Getty Images