The Walt Disney world Resort is now on the eve of the 50th anniversary celebration, launching October 1, 2021. While an anniversary always brings new offerings and significant changes, it’s fair to say that the resort has undergone an even larger change than in any kind of normal anniversary year.

The last 2 years have actually brought significant change come Walt Disney civilization – specifically when it concerns logistics and planning. The parks to be closed totally from March to July of 2020. As soon as Disney human being reopened in summer 2020, everything was highly modified. Slowly yet surely, Disney made incremental adjustments the nudged the parks earlier to something much more closely resembling common operations. However in that same time, Disney likewise hit some large reset buttons ~ above several attributes of a Walt Disney world vacation plenty of guests took as a given.

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Image courtesy the Walt Disney world Resort.

Even together the 50th anniversary celebration event begins, the case at Walt Disney people remains liquid with many more changes possible. It’s a many to store track that if you’re to plan a expedition for the big event. Your tactics will must evolve through the evolving conditions at Disney human being if you desire to acquire the most out of her vacation.

So we’ve compiled a cheat paper of what you should know prior to you visit Walt Disney civilization in 2021 and 2022 to assist you have actually the most magical trip possible. Let’s dive in come what trips throughout the 50th anniversary celebration will certainly look like.

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Public Health changes at Walt Disney human being in 2021

When it involves health and safety, Walt Disney World, prefer every traveler attraction, has actually gone through modifications and also then reversals of the modifications and even reversals that the reversals at times. It’s complicated, that’s because that sure!

Here’s a overview of the existing conditions and also restrictions at Walt Disney World. Friend can additionally keep up to day by checking Disney’s website.

Masks space no longer compelled outdoors for any guest. Every guests must wear masks indoors except when dining. This has indoor attractions and also queues.
While Walt Disney human being has not made an main announcement, park capacity appears to be ago to typical levels. When park appointments are tho required, they are no longer challenging to acquire with the exemption of large holidays.Testing or inoculations for visitors room recommended yet not required.Vaccines for many Disney World actors members room mandated as of October 22, 2021.Guests self-determine their own distancing and cast members may encourage guest to to fill in every available an are in part environments.Fireworks and also nighttime spectaculars are back at Magic Kingdom and also Epcot, guests are allowed to was standing wherever they want during these shows. Suppose tight problems in any good viewing spot.

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Essential Tips for Walt Disney world 50th Anniversary Trips in 2021 & 2022

As we declared above, lots of things have adjusted and will proceed to readjust at Walt Disney World, for this reason it’s vital to remain ahead of this changes. Right here are part tips to assist you manage the biggest changes we’ve checked out at Walt Disney people as the resort kicks turn off its 50th anniversary.

You Still require to setup Ahead, yet Not as much as Before

(In)famously, Walt Disney world used to call for a major amount of pre-trip planning. But gone room the days of having to decide whereby you want to eat six months in advancement or deciding what you desire to ride 2 months in advance. It’s become very doable to take points as lock come on your Walt Disney people vacation.

That being said, if you desire to maximize your trip, you still have to do part pre-planning. Here are the main things you need to plan in advance.

On-site Hotel Reservations

For the next few months at the end of 2021 it seems choose there space no on-site hotel rooms available. This most likely isn’t a reflection of the number of rooms available, but a function of the staffing Disney has available for its hotels. Our advice if you’re plan a pilgrimage to Walt Disney World and want to continue to be on-site, make appointments early.

If you’re booking a parcel that consists of tickets, friend only should make a $200 deposit. Because that a room-only reservation, you need to pay the an initial night as a deposit. These deposits are completely refundable, 30 days in advance of your pilgrimage for the package and 5 job in advance of your trip for a room-only reservation. In our opinion it’s preferable come book and cancel than to wait and not obtain the on-site room you want.

If you’re willing to stay off-site, you will have actually many more options. Again, us recommend booking refundable reservations. Prices fluctuate greatly and you might be able to find a different hotel or even rebook your booked hotel in ~ a lower rate.

Park Reservations

The biggest change Walt Disney world guests should be mindful of is the arrival of theme park reservations. You will have to make a park reservation because that every job you plan to be in the parks. That method you need to tell Disney whether you arrangement to visit the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or pet Kingdom on any kind of given day. If you have actually a park hopper ticket, you can park hop to the various other parks beginning at 2:00 afternoon (park hopping doesn’t need a different reservation).

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Since Disney has opened up its volume restrictions, park appointments aren’t too complicated to gain right now other than on the busiest the holidays, but definitely psychic to publication these sooner fairly than later simply in case. You can always change them later or even on the work of if necessary when over there is availability.

Dining Reservations

Thankfully, you no longer need to do dining appointments six months in breakthrough (!) in ~ Walt Disney World. Instead, Disney civilization has embraced the much much more reasonable Disneyland plan of 60 day reservations in advancement of her trip. Remember the if friend are remaining on-site or at certain Disney partner off-site hotels you can make dining bookings for the size of your continue to be 60 days before your an initial night.

Goodbye Fastpass+… and also Hello come Genie+, Lightning Lane, and Individual Attraction Selections


Another large planning readjust is the sunsetting the Disney’s old Fastpass+ system, which had actually you reserving 3 Fastpass+ reservations 30-60 work in development depending on where you to be staying. You no much longer need to make any decisions about what attractions you desire to endure on a provided day of her trip before you gain to Disney World. Just make her park reservations and also decide what you desire to experience while you’re in the park. The all sounds good in theory, but of course there’s a gigantic castle-sized catch.

With the retirement the Fastpass+, Disney has introduced a litany of new concepts because that its guests to decipher. Walt Disney World’s replacement because that Fastpass+ entails both cost-free and paid means to minimization your wait time in line. Unfortunately, getting true Fastpass+ like access will require some extra money.

Disney has actually announced this brand-new system is coming loss 2021, yet no details date has actually yet been announced. Most guests v 50th anniversary trips planned space going to experience these systems, other than perhaps those over there in the opening days the the celebration. The quick version of the changes:

Fastpass+ has actually been discontinued, the Fastpass+ queue has actually been branded as Lighting Lane.Disney Genie will certainly be an upgrade to the mine Disney Experience app aimed to assist you minimize your wait times.All guests deserve to use Disney Genie come alert them once lines are short for miscellaneous attractions.Certain marquee attractions (up come a maximum of two per park) call for you to purchase separate Lightning roadway access, this are dubbed Individual Attraction Selections (IAS). Friend cannot gain Lightning Lane accessibility to this attractions via Genie+.You carry out not should purchase Genie+ in bespeak to purchase IAS or evil versa.Lightning Lane access for both Genie+ and also IAS will be work of only, you can not reserve in advance like the old Fastpass+ system.Virtual queues will certainly still it is in in result as required (currently only at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in ~ Epcot).

As you have the right to see, the short version that these alters is actually…quite long. Fastpass+ wasn’t a simple system, annd the brand-new system certainly takes that to another level the complication. Be on the lookout because that a Trips through Tykes overview to Genie+ tactics at Walt Disney human being once the brand-new system go live! In the meantime, examine out Genie+ tips and tricks because that Disneyland.

Be all set to adjust Your Touring tactics (and Wait in more Standby Lines)


As the over section would certainly indicate, Walt Disney civilization guests need to be ready to adjust their touring strategies. Because that those that knew just how to maximize Fastpass+, there’s no getting around the reality that you likely will certainly be waiting in an ext standby lines. (There’s no means to recognize for certain until Genie+ officially debuts).

One element of touring we’ve currently gotten to view in exercise is the new 30 minute early theme park entry offered to guest of Walt Disney civilization resorts and also select off-site resorts, easily accessible in every park each day. Beforehand theme park entrance replaces Extra Magic Hour which provided to permit on-property guests accessibility one hour beforehand – yet just to a single park each day.

During early on theme park entry, everyone is let through the turnstiles, but only guest of the select resorts are allowed into the really attraction areas of the parks 30 minutes before official park opening time. Throughout this 30 minutes you could ride one headliner if you’re at the prior of the line, though it could be more efficient to ride 2 mid-tier attractions. Mark early theme park entry together developing.

Overall, friend will have to be much more flexible. Us think it’s a an excellent thing the you’re no much longer locked right into three attractions at three certain times due to reserved Fastpass+ reservations, yet the drawback way you’ll need to think much much faster on her feet. Utilizing all the tools available including all the new Genie offerings will be key to maximizing her time in the parks if attractions space your main goals.

A couple of other touring strategy changes to keep in mind:

Guests that deluxe and deluxe villa on-property will can accessibility some attractions during extended evening theme park hrs (available on limited dates in ~ Magic Kingdom and also Epcot so far).While one virtual queue is disappearing, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot will sell a digital queue of its own as soon as it officially opens up to every guests October 1, 2021. There will be no standby line. If you want to ride, make sure you know just how to snag point out in the queue at one of two people 7:00am or 1:00pm daily throughout the release times.For guests through park hopper tickets, park to dance is still restricted to 2:00pm or later.Evening ~ hours occasions at Magic Kingdom because that Halloween (Boo Bash) and also the holidays (Very Merriest ~ Hours) will affect park hours and also crowd dispersement. Clock those party dates closely.

Adjust her Dining plans & Expectations


If attractions aren’t your main goal, it’s likely that dining at Walt Disney human being remains a high priority for her family. Unfortunately, dining seems to be one of the greatest pain points at Disney world right now since the reopening.

A combination of supply chain and staffing worries have caused fewer restaurants being open and shorter hours because that a the majority of the restaurants that continue to be open. Gone space the days where you can be certain you’ll be able to find something substantial to eat late at night in the parks. And also the options may be also slimmer if friend wait to eat when you return to your hotel so late in the evening.

When will certainly these concerns sort themselves out? It’s hard to tell, but we’re confident the when these concerns have been greatly sorted out, the return that the currently suspended Disney dining setup for resort guests will likely signal that the instance has lot improved. Until then, here’s what you have to know about adjusting her dining plans and expectations at Walt Disney World.

Table service Restaurants

Due to low staffing, the truth is that no every table is being filled in ~ table business restaurants. Restaurants may not always watch busy, yet it deserve to still be complicated to discover a table or girlfriend may have to wait.

With that in mind, it’s really crucial to do dining reservations immediately at the 60 day home window when it opens (this time varies, but it generally will be sometime between 4:30-6:00 am ET). If girlfriend are remaining on-site, make appointments for your whole trip at once. That will give you the finest shot at the table business reservations the you want.

If you don’t manage to snag the reservation you want, website like computer mouse Dining are great tools to assist you snag a tough to uncover reservation through notifying you of cancellations or Disney adding capacity. Computer mouse Dining has both a cost-free and a paid version, and also we’ve been able to snag a variety of reservations making use of the company already.

Walkup access is variable but definitely one option. Girlfriend can also enter a virtual queue for same day ease of access via the mine Disney endure app. So don’t provide up if girlfriend don’t gain those dining reservations you want!

Another rapid tip: many restaurants, consisting of the new Space 220 restaurant in ~ Epcot, have actually lounge seating that is walkup only. You frequently will find lower waits because that these lounge seats (think the equivalent of bar seating in restaurants).

Quick Service and Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering stays the many convenient way for most guests to order quick service food at Walt Disney World. While many quick organization restaurants have reopened their walkup lines, you usually will wait less if friend mobile order through the my Disney suffer app.

Place your order in breakthrough of meal time (like if you’re queuing for an attraction) and also tap “I’m here” if you’re walking end to the restaurant to save the maximum lot of time. Of course, like every dominion there are exceptions – at arbitrarily times walkups could beat the end mobile orders, however in basic mobile bespeak is the method to go.

Master the my Disney experience App

As friend may have actually gathered, a solid understanding of the mine Disney Experience application has come to be a prerequisite for a successful Walt Disney human being trip. On any kind of given trip, you’ll most likely use the mine Disney Experience app for:

Virtual queue enrollmentDisney Genie and wait timesDisney Genie+ Lightning lane reservationsDining reservationsMobile orderingHotel check in (if remaining on site)Maps

Walt Disney people has slowly however surely moved into the 21st century, and technology will remain at the head of the guest experience. Before any trip come Disney World, it’s an excellent practice come play approximately with the my Disney Experience app to acquire a feel for just how it works. Time spent discovering the application before her trip way less stress throughout your trip and less time v your face in your phone.

Be prepared for alters to your Transportation endure at Walt Disney World


One huge change that will take effect at the beginning of 2022 will certainly be the remove of Disney’s wonder Express because that on-site hotel guests. While the won’t influence trips this fall, be certain you have a setup for exactly how you will obtain to the will if you’re staying on-site next year. Rideshare alternatives remain plentiful, however you can additionally make a reservation v the brand-new Mears attach service i beg your pardon replaces Magical express (with a fee).

Once you’re on-site, if girlfriend haven’t to be to Walt Disney people in a few years you’ll absolutely want to familiarize yourself v the brand-new Disney Skyliner. That not just connects four hotels and two template parks, it also legitimately serves together an attraction in and also of itself, particularly to transportation obsessed kids! You’ll also need to continue to make use of Disney’s bus system, monorail, and boats.

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Note the staffing issues have impacted Disney buses, therefore Disney has actually been contracting out few of the bus routes. That means slightly longer wait times and also a slightly less magical suffer until the staffing concerns are resolved.

If you’re renting a car, Disney proceeds to fee for parking at its resorts. For non Disney guests, friend will have to pay for parking at the theme parks. Auto rentals have obtained expensive as agencies have actually not replenished your fleets after enormous selloffs throughout 2020. Sites favor Autoslash are valuable for obtaining the best auto rental price. Prefer hotels, publication a refundable automobile reservation and also monitor routinely for better prices.

If you are driving come the parks for early morning rope drop, be mindful that many parking lots room not opened as early on as they used to in previous years. Friend simply may not be able to access parking lots to win your other guests who have actually the advantage of staying within walking street of a park.

Prepare yourself for Unexpected transforms at Walt Disney World


One complicated thing around writing this overview is how conveniently things can adjust at Walt Disney World. Guest may have have very little notification of additional changes.

For example, Disney stated that Disney Genie would debut in the fall and implied it would certainly be ready for the 50th anniversary celebration that starts on October 1st. However as we create this in so late September we still haven’t heard anything around Disney Genie’s main debut date. Top top the various other side of things, Disney said early on theme park entry would start on October 1st, but late last week castle announced the it would start on September 26th instead. And Disney World completely did away v the virtual queue for increase of the Resistance with just one week’s notice.

Since reopening, Disney’s MO has seemed to it is in to notice changes and implement them fairly quickly, with few exceptions. What that way practically is that you might read this guide and feel ready for what you have to do differently at Walt Disney civilization only because that Disney to change something up at the critical minute.

Our finest advice is come constantly check your my Disney suffer app and also follow the Disney Parks Blog. We’ll likewise keep updating this guide as the news breaks for the 50th anniversary and keeping you posted on every the changes on our podcast Disney Deciphered.

New Offerings because that Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary and a overfilled 2022

Image courtesy David Roark/Disney World.

We’ll end this overview by recall you the Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary solemn event which starts on October first will run through 2023. We currently know few of the huge new attractions coming during this time.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opens up on October 1st, 2021 along with two new nighttime spectaculars, Disney enchantment at Magic Kingdom and Harmonious in ~ Epcot. Throughout the 18 month anniversary celebration you have the right to expect exciting new openings and also offerings here and also there, consisting of hopefully Guardians that the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind and/or TRON Lightcycle power Run.

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We think that the 50th anniversary merged with whatever pointing in the ideal direction in regards to public health will bring about a very crowded 2022. Be sure to make her plans early, study this guide to save track of all the changes, and also stay tuned below at Trips with Tykes together you plan to storage 50 year of magic v Walt Disney World and also crowds from around the world!

Where to book Your Walt Disney human being Vacation

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(Looking for info on all the recent changes at Disneyland? inspect out this overview to act Disneyland differently in 2021.)

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