Demi Moore and also Ashton Kutcher to be in a relationship from 2003-2011. Lock officially divorce in 2013, regardless of Moore doing everything she can to conserve their marriage. However according to her newly published memoir, Inside Out, several determinants ultimately caused their divorce. One of the reasons, she reveals, to be their period difference.

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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

What is the age difference between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher?

As Moore expose in her memoir, there is a fifteen-year period difference in between the previous couple. But according to the Ghost star, they can not feel any kind of sort of void in their relationship.

“He was twenty-five,” she writes. “I was forty. But I’m telling you: we couldn’t feeling it. We were totally in sync from our very very first conversation.”

She mentions exactly how when she to be his age, she had currently been married through kids.

“Keep in mind, when I was twenty-five, I came to be a mom,” she said. “I skipped straight from gift a young adult into motherhood and also marriage. Once I met Ashton, it nearly felt like a do-over, like I could just go back in time and experience what the was choose to it is in young with him- much an ext so than I’d ever been able to endure it once I to be actually in my twenties.”

Demi Moore thinks her age difference with the ‘Punk’d’ star added to their split

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

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According come Moore’s memoir, multiple determinants led to her divorce from Kutcher. Together she reveals, her struggles with addiction in addition to Kutcher’s cheating scandals ultimately severed your union.

But one element that she didn’t really think about until later was their age difference. As Moore admits, they to be in two completely different stages in life.

“When i met the male of mine dreams, trying to stay close to him became my addiction,” she writes. “Ashton had seemed favor the price to my prayers. Yet when we met, I had actually the experience and also the preparation to be yes, really committed. Because that him, it was still the journey- he to be still figuring out who he was.”

“The point I didn’t totally take into factor to consider was as soon as Ashton and I were falling in love is that what was magical to me and what to be magical to him might not have been the exact same thing,” she continues. “I feel connection, communion. He was stepping turn off a private aircraft for the an initial time and also coming right into my home, mine family, i beg your pardon I’d long due to the fact that created, and I had a body of renowned work in a very field the aspired to conquer.”

“I was a forty-year-old who had had a big life, v a huge ex-husband and three children,” says Moore. “Ashton’s adult life was just beginning- both his personal life and his career. I didn’t watch all that because I was within of it. I simply felt choose a fifteen-year-old girl hoping somebody favored me.”

Demi Moore suspect the media frenzy the was as result of their period gap

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore throughout Paris Fashion Week feather Summer 2007 | Pierre Suu/FilmMagic

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According come Moore, she knew the the media would certainly be everywhere their relationship due to the fact that of their far-reaching age gap.

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“The solution to our relationship was every little bit as frenzied together I’d anticipated, perhaps even much more so,” she writes. “We to be in the tabloids constantly; us couldn’t leaving the home without gift photographed.”

And according to Moore, she agents warned her against the relationship due to the fact that they assumed no one would take her seriously for dating a younger man.

“My agents claimed that my relationship was hurting me: all the emphasis on me being v a younger guy meant that world weren’t acquisition me seriously,” claims Moore. “I no care. I’d never been so happy in my life.”