Carrie Fisher and Todd Fisher were the only kids of gibbs Debbie Reynolds. The 2 were born during Reynolds’ high-profile marital relationship to singer Eddie Fisher. Both Carrie and also Todd prospered up in the spotlight, and also Carrie quickly took she after her mother as one actor. She came to be a star after playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy.

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In 2018, 2 years after Carrie and Reynolds died, Todd released a memoir. He debated what it to be like farming up with a well known mother and also sister.

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;Carrie Fisher;Todd Fisher entertainer Debbie Reynolds (C) w. Kids Todd (L) and also Carrie Fisher (R) at the Thalians Ball." /> Debbie Reynolds Todd Fisher, and also Carrie Fisher|Kevin Winter/DMI/The LIFE photo Collection

Carrie Fisher’s dad left her and also Todd

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Reynolds married Fisher in 1955. One year later, Carrie to be born on October 21, 1956. ~ Carrie, the pair welcomed a son. They called him ~ a near friend, movie producer Mike Todd. 

Shortly ~ Reynolds offered birth to Todd, she and also Eddie’s marriage ended. After ~ Eddie’s friend, Todd, passed away in a plane crash, Eddie started seeing Elizabeth Taylor. What started as one affair led to Eddie leave Reynolds and their two kids for Taylor.

Todd Fisher recalled being in the middle of Carrie Fisher and also Debbie Reynolds

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Following she divorce from Eddie, Reynolds increased Carrie and Todd alone because that multiple years. In his 2018 memoir, My Girls: A lifetime with Carrie and Debbie, Todd shared that he frequently got caught in the middle of his mother and also sister. He said Carrie feeling smothered by your mother’s fame, and also he never mutual the same problem. His allegiance come Reynolds brought about tension in between Todd and also Carrie. Prior to she died in 2016, Todd stated Carrie wanted to resolve any type of of their previous issues, per The everyday Mail. 

“Finally, that was simply Carrie and also me, alone in the house, after an evening of paying small or no attention to each other,” Todd wrote, recalling his critical time through Carrie. “I was surprised to watch that she was in tears. ‘I can’t perform this,’ she said. ‘I can’t have this tension between us.’”

“She walk on come talk around the reality that a day would certainly come when mom would it is in gone once it would certainly be just the two of us, and we to be going to require each other an ext than we ever before had in our lives,” that continued.

Why Debbie Reynolds had an additional baby, follow to Todd Fisher

According come Todd, Reynolds’ fear leaving Carrie through herself. Throguought her life, the When harry met Sally star often spoke around her tribulations. In number of memoirs, Carrie described living v bipolar disorder. She additionally revealed that she had an addiction to multiple substances.

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When Carrie died of cardiac arrest ~ above December 27, 2016, Reynolds passed away one day later. Todd wrote that while Reynolds’ pan think she died of a “broken heart,” he understood there was more to her grief. 

“Debbie Reynolds willed herself best off this world to personally view to it the Carrie would never ever be alone,” Todd wrote.

Todd continued to say that his mother’s action weren’t various from just how she cared because that Carrie. He wrote that Reynolds only had an additional child to ensure Carrie wouldn’t live a lonely existence.

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“’That had actually been her driving force every one of Carrie’s life, including having actually me so that Carrie wouldn’t it is in an just child,” he said. ‘’And it continued to be her driving pressure when Carrie left.”

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