Underneath his endearing smile, his heat demeanor and his decision to stay successful in the big leagues, the brand-new skipper has been wearing the pains of a divorce. Says Ross: “I don’t understand if i could’ve take away this job without few of the things that happened in mine life.”

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David Ross leads a drill in ~ Cubs feather training in Mesa, Ariz. Man Antonoff/For the Sun-Times
MESA, Ariz. — David Ross tried to look top top the shining side. What else was there to do? confident thinking is baked right into the rookie manager’s bones.

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He was home with the flu, and that meant lacking what should’ve been his very first game as Cubs skipper. And also his second. And his third. It was just spring training, however still. What type of twisted feel-good narrative was this?

Again, though: the glowing side. There was one. There constantly is.

“I didn’t need to talk baseball with anybody,” he said. “Literally, it was just me and also my dog. The more I’m law this job, you’re having a lot of conversations with various people, even if it is it’s tiny talk or gift interviewed or talk to players or front office or maintain staff. She just always having conversations. Some quiet time was yes, really nice.”

Quiet time often surrounds Ross when he’s at home. It’s just a 42-year-old man and also his puppy, Maya, a bernedoodle Ross bought in August. That’s a Bernese mountain dog and also poodle mix, in situation you to be wondering. Ross occasionally wonders what the hell he to be thinking.


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“You can’t travel with a dog baseball,” that said. “When is there a great time to gain a dog? It’s really never.”

But then he constantly remembers. There to be a reason, a mighty an excellent one.

“My children wanted a dog my whole career,” the said. “And i promised castle they’d gain one when I was done playing.”

The ex-Cubs catcher spoke regularly in 2016, his final season together a player, around winding things way down and spending an ext time v his family members in retirement. However he has actually stayed quite busy — “Dancing with the Stars,” one ESPN gig, now regulating — as plenty of people, and also perhaps he, too, merely are wired come do.

Time walk by. Things change. No, we’re not talking about having or not having a dog.

Ross’ marital relationship is over, his divorce indigenous Hyla Ross, the high institution sweetheart who he married in 2005, finalized. Landri, Cole and Harper Ross proceed to live in Tallahassee, Florida, your parents’ hometown, with their mom.

Underneath his endearing smile, his warm demeanor and his determination to remain successful in the huge leagues, Ross has actually been wearing the pains of this. That hasn’t disputed it publicly till now.

“It’s not really the storybook ending I think mine baseball job had,” said Ross, that was lugged off the field in Cleveland after game 7 that the civilization Series. “It’s absolutely tough come swallow. Her ego bring away a hit, your pride bring away a hit and who you are — your plans, your dreams, every the points that you assumed you had collection up and were working for — the best hit.

“But I additionally have a belief base wherein I feel like God has a huge plan for me and has a bigger snapshot for me that periodically I nothing understand. My best failures in life, or the biggest trials i have overcome, have lifted me up on various other platforms that i wasn’t expecting. So it is the method I’m looking at it.”

There it is: at the very least the hint of a shining side.

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“I try to discover from every experience,” that said. “I could certainly be a much better person, a better dad, a better husband, a much better brother. There’s a the majority of room come improve and just another lesson because that me in part areas, some tough lessons the I’ve got to learn from.

“I don’t recognize if ns could’ve this task without some of the things that happened in my life.”