David Ortiz poses because that a portrait in ~ Fenway Park in 2019.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Ortiz’s child posted an Instagram video Monday night, alleging the Ortiz to win an “aggressive tone” in asking the boy and also his granny to leave the home within an hour. A video was additionally posted that the step at the residence, mirroring the boy’s grandm verbally lashing out at Ortiz while the retirement Sox slugger waited calmly exterior the house with a family member he considers his brother and one security guard.

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Ortiz said, v Baerlein, that his relationship with his son had been loving till this conflict. In the television interview Tuesday, Ortiz claimed he did no act aggressively in ~ the house and that the function of his visit to be to invest time through his son because he knew the boy’s mom would no be present.

“It’s unfortunate the Fary and her mother have actually used his son as a pawn in the jae won disputes between David and Fary,” Baerlein said. “He feels an extremely badly about that.”

Ortiz has actually invested in improving the home in Samana, and also he had also hoped to check the renovations during his visit, Baerlein said. Ortiz departed without see the renovations or spending time with his son.

Ortiz has actually purchased a residence for his son and also placed that in a to trust for the young to own once he i do not care an adult, Baerlein said. Ortiz also has offered Fernandez a condo for her and also their kid to live in in ~ the upscale Naco Blue Tower in Santo Domingo, follow to Baerlein.


Fernandez has actually complained around the tower, in part because it was also the home of alleged drug kingpin Cesar (The Abuser) Peralta prior to he to be arrested last year. Peralta is right now in custody in Colombia, awaiting extradition to confront federal drug trafficking fees in the unified States.

Ortiz and also his wife, Tiffany, have actually two teenage children, Alexandra and D’Angelo. Ortiz likewise has a daughter, Jessica, from a previous connection in the Dominican Republic.

D’Angelo Ortiz is among David Ortiz's sons.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

Jessica involved Boston after ~ high institution in the Dominican Republic and also attended Regis College, where her father got an honorary degree and delivered an emotional deal with on her graduation day in 2019.

It had not to be widely known that Ortiz had a 4th child, back he has posted images of himself and also young David on society media. In a globe interview last year, Ortiz said he spent a joyful time with his sons David and D’Angelo just hours before he to be shot in ~ a sidewalk cafe in Santo Domingo.

The boys have actually spent extr time together because then and were farming closer before the dispute between Ortiz and also young David’s mother, Baerlein said. D’Angelo is currently in the Dominican Republic play baseball and had intended to spend time through young David before the conflict between their father and also Fernandez erupted.

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Fourteen human being have been arrested in link with Ortiz’s shooting, when others continue to be at large. A motive because that the attack remains in question. Dominican prosecutors initially described Ortiz together the shooter’s target, then shifted their account to allege the actual target to be a human being seated in ~ the same table. Ortiz has actually hired Ed Davis, a previous Boston police commissioner, come investigate, and also Davis’s inquiry continues to be open.

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Ortiz claimed in the world interview critical year the he practically died on the night of the shooting and also later feared that he would certainly not survive the epidemic he contracted during his lengthy hospitalization. He has since resumed many of his continual activities, native visiting the Red Sox feather training camp to pursuing his commercial and also charitable interests.

In his statement Tuesday, Ortiz said, “I would ask because that privacy going forward because that my family, specifically for my son, David, as we work-related in good faith to pertained to a reasonable jae won settlement.”