DAVID BOWIE"s wife Iman has talked candidly around her late husband and also her life there is no him, as the fashion version admitted she has actually no plans to marry again despite feeling "lonely" at times.

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David Bowie"s mam Iman will "never" marry again regardless of loneliness (Image: GETTY)

Iman is a model, actress and entrepreneur and dished ~ above ageing (Image: Harper’s Bazaar UK/ PAOLA KUDACKI)

"David is in our hearts and also minds top top a everyday basis, for all of us," Iman remarked. "You know, this was my true love.

"My daughter once asked me if ns would ever marry again and I said, "never"."

The entrepreneur and actress claimed that she can glossesweb.comnstantly feel David"s presence.

Iman explained: "He’s hiding in level sight. His fans are still around, his music is quiet relevant.

Iman opened up around her marital relationship to David Bowie in a new interview (Image: Harper’s Bazaar UK/ PAOLA KUDACKI)

"And on the day of his passing, ns went on a hike and a bluebird flew in former of me. A bluebird, over all things!"

Iman and David welglossesweb.commed their daughter Alexandria (Lexi) Zahra Jones in 2000.

The supermodel also dished on their marriage and admitted she "wished lock had an ext years" together as she opened up up on loneliness.

"‘I’m such a city girl, however now I’m appreciating the glossesweb.comuntry," Iman glossesweb.comntinued to Harper"s Bazaar UK.


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Iman likewise opened up around her life in the glossesweb.comuntryside (Image: Harper’s Bazaar UK/ PAOLA KUDACKI)

"I go hiking every day – I have actually this great view of mountains that alters literally every few minutes.

"David was a painter; my daughter is a painter. I never painted in mine life, therefore I’ve taken that up."

She added: "I learnt that ns don’t need to be an excellent at other to start doing it.

"Just get out of your own way, walk for it. Ns do obtain lonely, yet I’m among those civilization – thank God – that likes my own glossesweb.commpany."

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David rose to importance in the 1970s and also was a pioneer the the glam-rock era, renowned for hits including Let"s Dance, Under Pressure, and also Cat civilization (Putting the end Fire).

The singer wed model Iman in April 1992, who he had met 18 months prior and the pair settled in new York.

David is made it through by Iman, Lexi, his stepdaughter, Zulekha, and also his son, Duncan (formerly reglossesweb.comgnized as Zowie, climate Joe), from his an initial marriage.

You have the right to read the full interview through Iman in Harper"s Bazzar UK - the end now.

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