It’s wild to me the Danny Tanner rotate 30 in the very first season. Already had 3 kids - DJ is what, 10? That means he bought the bullet and also had DJ (and presumably married) by 20. Just wild. Maybe they covering that later on or elsewhere? questioning Jesse is only 24?! Joey needs to be... 29 or 28 in ~ the least since they go earlier at least as far as junior high.

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It IS crazy (especially in today’s economic climate - a 30 year old couple with 3 children owning a beautiful residence in mountain Francisco?!)

It’s no really touched on a whole lot, however it is definitely never retconned throughout the show. Lock were simply really that young!

I know that is crazy. Mountain Francisco is crazy expensive and to think they had a son while they were still in college and still were able to afford that residence is incredible. And also incredibly unrealistic, however whatever.

I perform remember Danny speak something around him and also Pam gift pretty young as soon as they gained together—I think that was when Jesse and also Becky were trying to gain married in Vegas. I think he stated his parents had actually freaked the end a bit. I always got the impression the they obtained married nice young (like 18/19).

Also, us don’t specifically know the timeline of once they met. We witnessed Jesse in a flashback to once Danny and Joey first met (though they didn’t really interact with him.) possibly he and Pam met in high school and just gained married right after graduating?

That's probably what happened. Danny flipped out when Jesse and also Becky to be trying to elope in Tahoe, and also Joey reminded him that him and Pam eloped once they were much younger than Jesse and Becky were.

I feeling the exact same way. It's so weird the Danny had DJ in ~ 18/19ish, particularly considering Joey and also Danny are constantly talking about how they saw Frat parties and also things, however I don't know just how Danny had the time in between a job, college, Pam and also DJ. Yes, Joey and also Danny are the same age, 29-30 in the an initial season, when Jesse is 24-25. Civilization often forget that Jesse is 5-6 year younger 보다 Danny and also Joey.

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Although, I believe the reasoning behind this, is simply due to the fact that they suitable up all the characters ages with how old the actors were in actual life. Bob was 29/30 at the start, john 24, Candace 10/11, Jodie 5, Mary-Kate and Ashley babies, and also Lori to be 22-23 once she came as well. So ns don't think the it made lot sense in regards to the storyline come which the personalities were born, but I do admire the complete House writers for making the characters the same periods as the actors, as recently that doesn't occur much at all.