Can these 3 friends team approximately raise three daughters? On Full House, that’s specifically what happens once Danny asks two of his best friends to relocate in and help raise DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle.

Here’s what us know about the periods of the adult characters on full House — Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, and Jesse Katsopolis. 

Danny Tanner and the ‘Junior Dads’ appear on the sitcom ‘Full House’

He might be the organize of wake up Up mountain Francisco and one in-house cleaning team, yet Danny Tanner can not raise his daughters every alone. That’s why that asks for help from his finest friend, comedian Joey Gladstone, and also his brother-in-law musician-turned club owner, Jesse Katsopolis.

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Together, this three come to be even closer friends and also a family, helping the girl through every one of their problems. However, among these “junior dads” is much younger than the various other two. It is Pam’s younger brother and also the girls’ rockin’ Uncle Jesse.

Uncle Jesse is the younger brothers of Danny’s late-wife, Pam

He may not it is in blood-related come Joey, however Uncle Jesse decides to remain in this “Full House” much longer than the anticipated. That’s since when he very first moved in he to be still in his 20s, life life in the fast lane — talk motorcycles and also performing rock and roll v his band.

Jesse’s love for the girls constantly shines through, though, and also its this love the convinces him come say and also watch DJ, Stephanie, and also Michelle flourish up. At the begin of the series, fans doubt that Uncle Jesse was roughly 25 year old.

In Season 2, Jesse rotate 26 in the episode titled “I’m There because that You Babe,” also though man Stamos was 24 once Full residence premiered. This character was the younger sibling the Danny Tanner’s late-wife, Pam, that was about Danny’s age before she passed.

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Danny Tanner and Joey Gladstone go to institution together

According come Danny Tanner’s full House Fandom page, this character was 30 years old when full House an initial premiered. Over there was also a season one episode confirming Danny’s age, together he turns 30 during, “The big 3-0.”

Joey, Danny Tanner’s childhood friend, is around the same age as him. Lock met as soon as they were 10 years old when one more student called Sheldon to be bullying Danny and also Joey come in to prevent it. The two have been best friends since then, burying a time capsule together, going to university together, and eventually life together.

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The personalities Danny, Joey, and Uncle Jesse return because that episodes the the Netflix original, Fuller House, when the girls room all get an impressive up. The spinoff collection featuring DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibbler, Fuller House, is available on Netflix. Most episodes of Full House are obtainable for streaming on Hulu.

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