Danielle Colby Chertow to be born on the third of December, 1975, in Davenport, Iowa, the United claims of America to Sue Colby and also an unnamed father. She is an energetic Burlesque performer who has also built a sturdy job in the American movie industry complying with her power in the truth television show American Pickers. Besides her acting and dancing career, danielle is also a well known antique shop and also clothing boutique manager, both that which space headquartered in Illinois.

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This American Pickers’ star is greatly tattooed from she neck to she fingers and also owns a Burlesque dancing academy in Chicago. Even though she was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, danielle Colby identifies together a woman with solid pagan beliefs.

Her career as a Burlesque show had also once directed some uninvited an adverse criticism in the direction of herself, which had only offered as salt ~ above an open up wound when Danielle revealed the she had been sexually molested together a child. Let’s have actually a look in ~ American Pickers’ star danielle Colby’s network worth, Salary, Age, and Wiki-Bio.


Danielle Colby’s network Worth & Salary per Episode.

Danielle Colby’s net worth is $1.5 million, credits to many of which walk to her career as a Burlesque dancer. Colby also owns a clothes boutique in Wicker Park, Chicago named 4 mile 2 Memphis i beg your pardon she has managed because the beforehand 2010s.

She is likewise an energetic American reality television collection actress and has taken component in many movies and television shows including her most famed project American Pickers.

Despite the actual salaries of danielle are preserved strictly an individual by her PR team, it is a well-known fact that her co-star Mike Wolfe was confirmed to have made $500,000 per season, when Frank Fritz was evidenced to have been earning a complete remuneration of $300,000 because that fulfilling their duties in the TV show.

It was also once evidenced that every artist working at the background channel made about $46,655 per year. Danielle, being a lead actress of her TV show American Pickers is supposed to have actually allotted she a value of at the very least $54,837 annually.

However, Her incredibly successful to dance career has awarded her with at least a total of $50,000 of what now constitutes her full net worth. Daniel Colby had actually been performing v a professional dance group which committed on Burlesque style performance because that a an extremely long time.

The run team, named Burlesque Le Moustache, contained nine dancers consisting of Danielle, that performed as Dannie Diesel.

The entire dancing troupe went around performing in every one of Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa, getting much attention and appreciation from every Burlesque watchers.

Danielle Colby’s salary per episode is $15,000.

Danielle Colby: Career and progression

Let’s have a look at the career the made danielle Colby’s net Worth $1.4 Million.

Danielle Colby Cushman had actually actually begun her journey in the direction of public fame as soon as she formed a roller derby team because that girls back in her beforehand years. In this team, the huge Mouth Hickeys, she was a performer and also the owner.

Nevertheless, she to be compelled to leaving the team after she continual a lot of injuries when in the arena. Complying with that, Danielle’s passion in the direction of dancing began to grow until she was lastly given a press towards the right decision by some renowned personalities.

One minute she stood amongst the audience watching the performance of her favourite comedian Margaret Cho and also the expert dancer Satan’s Angel, and also the next minute she had made her decision to go after a career in Burlesque dancing.

After a while, she additionally created her own dance group in Rogers Park, around Chicago again. This team named Dannie Diesel’s bump ‘n’ Grind Academy additionally dealt v performing expert Burlesque shows and is currently energetic to this date.

However, that was once she, together with her close girlfriend Mike Wolfe, made decision to build a theoretical plot i beg your pardon would later on be materialized right into the script of American Pickers, that danielle actually began her job in the film industry.

Following her breakthrough in ~ the history channel, daniel had additionally taken up the role of producer in the 2016 Hollywood film named Tempest Storm which additionally revolved roughly the life the a Burlesque performer of the same name.

Danielle Colby Age:

This American Pickers’ female actors was born on December 1975. This provides Danielle Colby is 45 year old.

Wiki Bio

The American Pickers female cast Danielle Colby is married come Husband Alexandre De Meyer and have two children from Ex-husband Kevin.

BornDanielle Colby Chertow

December 3, 1975 (age 45)

Davenport, Iowa, U.S.

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OccupationBurlesque dancer, reality display personality, producer
Years active2010–present
Spouse(s)Kevin Colby (m. 2004; div)

Alexandre De Meyer (m. 2015; sep)

ParentsSue Colby (mother)
Net worth$1.5 million.
Salary every Episode$15,000