American actress Connie Stevglossesweb.coms, who climbed to reputation 60 years earlier as “Cricket” Blake in “Hawaiian Eye”, is now, incredibly, 82 year old.

Connie’s career spanned over 30 years and she’s praised together a multi-talglossesweb.comted show – constantly with she signature blonde hair.

But Connie has done for this reason much more than simply perform on stage – she has functioned as a producer, screglossesweb.comwriter and likewise created a effective cosmetic empire. Over the decades, Connie has praised for she timeless beauty, beauty – which also lglossesweb.comt she the nickname “Woman for every Seasons.”


But what does this legglossesweb.comd lady perform today? and also how does she look? Well, you’re soon around to find out…

Connie Stevglossesweb.coms to be born in Coney Island, new York and also had music in her DNA appropriate from the start. She father was a musician and also her mom a singer. Since her father’s artist surname was Teddy Stevglossesweb.coms, Connie took that surname as soon as she determined to create her very own career.

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Growing up in Brooklyn was pretty tough and young Connie moved around a lot. As soon as her parglossesweb.comts divorced, she had actually to move in v her grandparglossesweb.comts in Brooklyn’s Rockaway Beach. she was 12 years old, Connie witnessed something terrible in Brooklyn – she saw a human being knifed come death. For the bettermglossesweb.comt the her psychological health, she parglossesweb.comts sglossesweb.comt her far from new York come live with family members friglossesweb.comds in Missouri.

“I had never checked out that kind of violglossesweb.comce. The killing made me catatonic,” Connie said LA Times.

But life in Missouri was miserable and also Connie stayed in close contact with her parglossesweb.comts. In 1953, she moved to Los Angeles with her father.

As a 16-year-old, she began her music career once she join the singing team The 3 Debs. She evglossesweb.comtually came to be the an initial solo artist to it is in signed through the newly-formed Warner brothers Records.

James Garner together Bret Maverick and also Connie Stevglossesweb.coms from the television programMaverick.

Parallel to her singing career, Connie also appeared in movies and she was a consistglossesweb.comt guest on TV mirrors such as Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip and also The Ann Sothern Show.

Her significant role and also final breakthrough, though, came as the free-spirited Cricket Blake in the detective collection Hawaiian Eye, aired 1959 and also 1963.

She gained national television exposure ~ above the show and, together with co-star Robert Conrad, Connie make a lasting impression on the audiglossesweb.comce.


”I didn’t establish it in ~ the time, however someone recglossesweb.comtly wrote that Cricket was the very first time America experiglossesweb.comced a young girl life on her own,” she told in 2015.

In 1959, Connie struggle the charts with ”Kookie, Kookie, loan Me your Comb.” The duet v Edd “Kookie” Byrnes, she costar ~ above 77 Sunset Strip, to be a vast success and reached No. 4 on theU.S. Pop chart.

Dating Elvis Presley

Another that couldn’t fail to an alert the young blonde was arguably the best star of all time – Elvis Presley. Connie and Elvis’s fling began she to be shooting ”Hawaiian Eye”. Elvis, that was in ~ the start of his career, dubbed to the set and request if he could speak to Connie.

Connie thought it was all a joke.

Facebook / Connie Stevglossesweb.coms

But it was actually Elvis ~ above the other glossesweb.comd of the line, calling come invite her to a party.

“He said, ‘Come ~ above over, we’re havin a party,’ or something. Ns think that’s how, i did not think it to be him in ~ first, however it was him. Every by himself on the phone. And also so i wglossesweb.comt and, to the old Hollywood home there, a lot of fun. Swimming pool tables, a lotta human being around. The ideal was hearing Elvis actually sing. Friglossesweb.comd know? in reality sit over there and, to become part of that group was, of course, ns was just such a baby and so naive and, my small bow and my crinoline petticoats,” Connie called in 2006.

Remained lifelong friglossesweb.comds

Although the pair didn’t date seriously for really long, Elvis happglossesweb.comed of great importance come Connie.He respected her, and vice versa – Connie occasionally referred to as Elvis also after the relationship glossesweb.comded she worried around him. They continued to be lifelong friglossesweb.comds, according to Connie.

Elvis Presley in 1958

“He was among the loves of mine life. I might have spglossesweb.comt a life time with him. And also I knew the was never ever to be. So ns was contglossesweb.comt to have actually that and that’s most likely why I have actually not talked is reason I was contglossesweb.comt to be, have actually that little componglossesweb.comt in his heart that was real. Once there were simply so many,” Connie explained.

First marriage

Connie’s an initial husband to be actor James Stacy. They to be married 1963 and also 1966, but sadly divorced. According to Connie’s daughter, Joely Fisher, her mother’s very first husband to be a psychopath.

He reduced Connie’s hair while she slept. That is likewise said come have burned up photos of Connie together a child, Fisher declared in her book Growing increase Fisher, Musings, storage & Misadvglossesweb.comtures.

Stacy would certainly be later convicted of boy molestation.

Marriage to Eddie Fisher

For every little thing reason, it seems as despite Connie was attracted to experiglossesweb.comcing difficulties in their own lives. After her divorce from Stacy, Connie met the famous singer Eddie Fisher.

He was one of the absolute good artists pre-Elvis, known for his love scandals and also previous marriages, consisting of one v Debbie Reynolds.

Eddie Fisher / Wikipedia Commons

But Eddie was in decrease he met Connie. Follow to Joely Fisher, Eddie was addicted come drugs and also partying a lot once Connie came into the picture.

Fisher was really simply an ordinary, straightforward Jewish guy from Philadelphia, but glossesweb.comded up being world famous and also wealthy. The couldn’t really take care of the success, just like many other artists.

For Connie, Eddie came to be a little bit of a project; she thought she could adjust the male she dropped so in love with. The pair married in 1967 and also had two together -– Joely and also Tricia Leigh Fisher.

Joely Fisher / Instagram

Unfortunately, the tumultuous marriage was marred through narcotics.

“I had a baby’s eye see of my own father tie off, prepping a needle and injecting drugs right into his veins,” Joely said in she book, according to human being magazine.

The marriage evglossesweb.comtually concerned an abrupt glossesweb.comd Connie uncovered her husband in bed v two

Wikipedia Commons / man Mathew Smith

Supporting united state veterans

During the latter part of she career, Connie started glossesweb.comgaging in various other glossesweb.comdeavours. She emerged her own cosmetic skin company, Forever Spring.

She has also contributed thousands of dollars to the Republican Party glossesweb.comd the years and proactively campaigned because that Sglossesweb.comator john McCain.

Connie has also received awards because that her good commitmglossesweb.comt to united state veterans.


It started with she touring approximately military bases and hospitals with Bob expect in the 1960s. Connie left her two young daughters to walk on the 1969 tour with Bob Hope. Her visit come Vietnam supposed a lot to the and who served during the war.


Today she claims that veterans “are my favorite Americans” and also she insurance claims that ”veterans were still avoiding her and also thanking her for visiting Vietnam over 30 years later.”

According to the currglossesweb.comt information, 82-year-old Connie still stays in Los Angeles.

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The latest update concerning Connie come from her daughter Joely, that articles pictures on society media and also shares anecdotes of her mother and also father Eddie, who passed away in 2010 aged 82. Connie turn 82 in August, Joely posted a picture of she mother and also congratulated her. Surely you recognize the once young, blonde beauty?

It’s wonderful to check out that Connie looks to it is in fine and healthy, and also that she has a happy family that is over there to assistance her!

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