Colton Underwood is a previous football player and also a television personality. He is famed as a contestant in the TV seriesThe Bachelor.

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Moreover, he gathered a many attention and media coverage as a component of the show. That was additionally the lead in the23rdseason ofThe Bachelorette.

Besides that, he has served together a tight finish in theNational football League. He was a part of majorNFLteams likeSan Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Oakland Raiders.

He to be a chop end and played briefly from2014-2016.Furthermore, that played together an undrafted free agent.

Colton Scott Underwood

Underwood received a lot of public attention after revealing his virginity on The Bachelorette. He to be on a date with Becca Kufrin once he common the news.

Many human being trolled that on the internet. However, his day respected his choice. Regardless, that had an ext fan following upon his reveal.

The former NFL player works continuously to progressive awareness about Cystic Fibrosis. The is also the founder of an company that helps fund CF research and medical equipment.

His kind heart paired with an excellent looks has made him among the most famous Bachelor contestants.

Before getting into details around the former football chop end’s life and career, right here are some fast facts about him.

Quick Facts

Full NameColton Scott Underwood
Birth DateJanuary 26, 1992
Birth PlaceIndianapolis, Indiana, the joined States
Nick NameNone
EducationIllinois State University
Father’s NameScott Underwood
Mother’s NameDonna Burkard
SiblingsOne; Connor Underwood
Age29 years Old
Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight255lb (116kg)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
ProfessionFormer NFL Player, television Personality
Former TeamSan Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders
PositionTight End
Active Years2014 – 2016
Marital StatusUnmarried
Ex-GirlfriendCassie Randolph
Net Worth$1 million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
MerchPoster, Book
Last UpdateNovember, 2021

Colton Underwood | beforehand Life, Family, and Education

Colton Underwood was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, the united States. His parents are Scott Underwood and also Donna Burkard. Furthermore, his dad is one Insurance agent while his mommy is a Realtor.

The two met atIllinois State Universityand dated shortly after. Hence, they to be college sweethearts.

However, they divorce in2013.Scott was superb defensive finish for theIllinois State Redbirds. As well as that, Donna played volleyball and also was a member the the university volleyball team.

Colton Underwood v His Parents and Step-Parents

The former couple was star athletes. Moreover, they passed your athletic gene onto their 2 sons.

TheNFL player and also his younger brothers Connor have loved football since they to be kids. Connor was a defensive lineman forIndiana State University. Likewise, Colton played forIllinois State University.

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Both brothers were coached and trained by your father. Farming up, he taught them protective moves and techniques.

Hence, castle were defensive ends as high schoolers. Furthermore, Scott coached their sons throughout their junior come high school football careers.

The TV personality attendedWashington neighborhood High Schoolwith his brother. Lock had an excellent football career with theWashington Panthers.

After playing high school football together, castle went their separate methods in college. Connor trained as a linebacker while Colton trained to be a chop end.

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Colton Underwood | Age, Height, and also Weight

The previous athlete turn 29years old top top January26, 2021.As a previous athlete, the is really health conscious. He often works out and maintains a balanced diet.

Hence, the bachelor is fit and also in great shape. Furthermore, the weighs255lb, approximately116kg, and also is6 feet 3 inchestall.

Colton Underwood | Football and Television Career

School and also College Career

Underwood started playing football reasonably young. Together his dad is a previous football player, he was exposed to the sport often.

So his appreciation and also love for the game snowballed. The bachelor to be a defensive end in high school. He played because that theWashington Panthers. Furthermore, he was trained by his father.

He play alongside his brothers Connor in ~ theWashington neighborhood High School. Following superb high institution career, he decided to attendIllinois State University.

TheNFLplayer play college-level football v theIllinois State Redbirds. In college, he trained and played as a chop end.

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NFL Career

After university graduation, Colton gone into the2014 NFL Draft. However, nobody of the NFL teams drafted him.

then he join the San Diego Chargersas an undrafted totally free agent. Nevertheless, he was waived by the team after 3 months.

Colton Underwood as A mountain Diego Chargers Player

NFLteamPhiladelphia Eaglessigned Underwood to their exercise squad in much less than a week. But the team exit him ~ a few days.

Nonetheless, the san Diego team signed the again. That was put in their practice squad. They also signed a future contract.

Regardless, he was waived a year later on after sustaining an injury. Initially, he stayed in the hurt reserve prior to being v the Chargers for almost a year prior to being released.

Oakland Raiderssigned him come their practice squad a couple of weeks later. Eventually, the Raiders released him in2016.

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Career as a tv Personality

Although the wasn’t a effective football player, Underwood gathered a the majority of attention together a TV personality. He recorded the windy eye after appearing on the14thseason ofThe Bachelorette.

Colton’s charming looks, to the right body, and also athletic background produced a considerable fanbase. Moreover, his kind heart was a more significant hit.

Colton Underwood IN alphabet Reality collection As The Bachelor

Publicist Becca Kufrin was the lead in the14thseason. She is likewise the winner ofthe 22ndseason the The Bachelor.

besides that, theNFL tight finish had a good journey until week eight. Unfortunately, that was eliminated from the fact television collection that certain week.

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However, the was cast inBachelor in Paradise‘s 5th season. After ~ that, he starred as a command in theABCseries’23rdseason. Plenty of fans weren’t happy about his lead announcement, while some were overjoyed.

Colton Underwood | Marriage, Relationship, and also Kids

The previous athlete is single as that now. However, he has actually plans to gain married as shortly as he finds the right woman. That went onABC’sdating truth television collection to find a wife. Nonetheless, he hasn’t had any type of luck yet.

Regardless, Colton has dated American gymnast Aly Raisman. The bachelor asked her out on a video.

They were with each other for a year prior to breaking up in2017.Then, as a command inThe Bachelor’s 23rdseason, that went out through Cassie Randolph.

Colton Underwood v Ex-Girlfriend Cassie Randolph

Initially, the couple ended your relationship. Yet Underwood only focused on her. He left his other two dates.

Furthermore, he eliminated the press of engagement. For this reason the pair made decision to offer their connection a 2nd try. Lock were together for end a year before calling quits in may of2020.

During the pandemic, Colton to be diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, and during the tenure, she remained to treat him. After ~ Colton got healthy and ago on his feet, Cassie and also Colton finished their relationship two months later.

Restraining Order

Almost six months after your breakup, Cassie Randolph filed a restraining order against the NFL player.

Moreover, she accused him of stalking her at she apartment. That reportedly confirmed up at her parents’ Huntington beach house. Furthermore, he to be lingering approximately her bedroom window at2 a.m.

She additionally accused the of sending out harassing text messages and attaching tracking tools under her car. She received a short-term restraining order indigenous him.

As a result, Underwood was forced to stay100 yards away from she house, workplace, and also vehicle. In addition, he can receive major jail time and also a good if that violated the order.

Colton Underwood | network Worth and Salary

Through football and television, theNFL’stight-end has an exceptional wealth amount.

He is intended to be worth over$1 million. Back his salary details space unknown, v his popularity, it need to be stunning. As well as that, countless well-known brands sponsor him.

Furthermore, he has actually received aReality TV Awardfor gift a fan favorite. The was also nominated forthe People’s an option Award.

Moreover, he has actually starred in Adam Doleac’s music videoFamous.He supposedly owns a beautiful place and also has many cars.

Colton Underwood | society Media Presence

The former NFL tight finish is top top multiple social media platforms. He has actually an Instagram account through 2 million followers.

However, the does no have any kind of posts. The tight end wiped off his Instagram feeding a work after his ex-girlfriend relinquished the restraining orders.

Nevertheless, he hasn’t deactivated the account. So he can start posting sooner or later. As well as that, that is top top Twitter with 374 thousand followers.

He hasn’t tweeted anything because November. Nonetheless, he has actually shared part tweets and also statements native the Bible. Countless celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres and fellow footballers, monitor him.

Apart indigenous it, Colton Underwood’s upcoming Netflix documentary is set to premiere this fall, and also before that, he additionally did a Q&A ar on his social media because that his fans. As freshly Colton come out the the closet as a gay, his documentary features popular figures indigenous the LBGTQ+ community.

Hence, his comes out together gay is also the same factor Colton announced Cassie Randolph as the winner ~ above his “Bachelor” season, i beg your pardon aired in 2019.

Common Queries:

Which jersey number walk Colton Underwood wear?

Colton Underwood wore jersey number 87 for the las Vegas Raiders, 35 for the Illinois State Redbirds Football, and 49 because that the Los Angeles Chargers.

What happened with Colton Underwood and Cassie?

Colton and Cassie damaged up after 2 years of dating. There are no clear factors for your fallout. She even filed because that a restraining order against him.

Furthermore, she accused Underwood that stalking and placing tracing gadgets under her car.

The two met on The Bachelor. As a pair on the show, they were adorable and in love. Through talking and spending time, they quickly occurred a strong bond.

they were numerous fans’ dream couple before break up in might of 2020.

Who is Colton Underwood married to? go he have a tattoo?

Colton Underwood is not married come anyone. He is solitary as of 2021. Although he was intended to get married his Bachelor contestant Cassie, the two broke up previously this year.

As a matter of fact, Colton Underwood acquired a tattoo best after his breakup, and also he post a snapshot on Instagram. Following it, Cassie’s sister likewise posted a snapshot of Cassie obtaining tattooed by the very same artist.

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Why go Colton Underwood delete his Instagram?

The NFL player hasn’t deleted his Instagram account. However, he has removed every one of his posts. That erased all of those photos after his ex-girlfriend Cassie withdrew she restraining order.

The reason behind his relocate is unknown. Moreover, he has been MIA in all of his society media handles.