Coco Austin freshly said 5½-year-old daughter Chanel "still likes my boobs" together she disputed breastfeeding her child

Ice-T is speaking out after civilization on society media doubted his and wife coco Austin's education decisions.

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The pair share 5½-year-old daughter Chanel Nicole, and also Austin — who has been open around continuing come breastfeed her boy — recently told Us Weekly that "Chanel tho likes mine boobs." The model, 42, stated nursing is "a large bonding moment for a mother and your child," and that she eats other foodstuffs too.

"Why take the away from her? … If she doesn't desire it, alright, that's wherein you avoid it. Yet I'm not just going come say no," Austin added.

On Wednesday, Ice-T handle commenters top top Twitter that were questioning why Austin quiet breastfeeds Chanel, who turns 6 in November. "News Flash! us feed Chanel FOOD... She simply likes come suck moms boob every now and also then... Me Too!!!" he wrote in one tweet alongside a picture of Austin and also Chanel.

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The rapper, 63, likewise wrote come one user, "Why the F space you worried around MY Child??? That's what's weird.. Currently go back in the basement."

Austin wrote on Twitter Saturday, "Getting several love native the mama's on my social media platforms that understand the 'boob thing'. Thanks. The emotion of this shortcut is indescribable. It renders me feel wanted."

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Back in in march 2020, Austin opened up around her decision to proceed breastfeeding she then-4-year-old child, explaining that it was for "comfort."



"At a time as soon as the world feels like its comes to an end … suck up as much love together you can!" Austin started in one Instagram inscription at the time, share a photograph of herself nursing Chanel. "I understand the moms out there will certainly appreciate this pic! i have been acquiring a most props in the breastfeeding community and also get loads of emails indigenous woman/moms appreciating me bringing light to the topic … I write a infant blog about my journey with Chanel and also soon I will write around what it's favor to proceed boob time through a 4 year old."

The former reality star included that she got "tons and tons of request that want me to speak on" her experience, explaining, "At this point in nursing its simply for comfort and believe me the girl loves meat for this reason its not choose she ~ no eating real food … 😁."

"Thank friend to every that know my view … ns see most of you are so passionate to side with me and also I as well root because that you in your journey also … united state moms are associated 💗," Austin concluded.

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