Cartoon Network, the channel house to hits choose Stephen Universe and Powerpuff Girls, debuted Clarence in 2014. The present followed 10-year-old Clarence and also his two friends, Jeff and also Sumo, on their everyday adventures in the fictional town of Aberdale.

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The location aired from 2014 to 2018 and was nominated for a grasp of awards before being canceled after just three seasons. But why walk Cartoon Network decision to end Clarence?

After 4 years and three periods on-air, Cartoon Network revealed it wouldn't be renewing the title because that a fourth season. The final episode of Clarence aired in June 2018.

"I simply wanted to attend to some questions around Clarence. Sadly the 3rd season will certainly be the last; we were no renewed past Season 3," head the story and also voice the Clarence Spencer Rothbell created on his blog in 2017.


"Of course there will always be ideas and routes i wish we can have gained to, however this season has some really mainly episodes that expand on the cosmos of the show and its personalities in a fun way that we haven't yes, really done before," the continued.

Spencer go not provide a reason regarding why the network did not decide to renew Clarence, though the 3rd season featured 40 episodes and aired for much more than a year. By the time the routine wrapped up, Clarence had aired 130 episodes.

Clarence debuted v a rocky start. Just after the show aired its very first season, a Cartoon Network employee came out with allegations versus the title's creator and also original voice that Clarence, Skyler Page.

Emily Partridge, one artist who worked on the channel's show Adventure Time, tweeted a subject in July 2014 claiming he had attacked her. When she walk not get in specifics in her thread, the had already leaked that Skyler to be "known come grope females without your consent."

Skyler Page, creator that Cartoon Network's "Clarence", is recognized to grope women without their consent. Don't it is in left alone in a room with him.

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"I had actually heard rumors about Skyler being 'quirky' yet nothing about his f--ked up behavior towards women until AFTER what taken place to me," she tweeted. "If ns knew what I recognize now, i wouldn't have let him catch me alone or be close to me. Ns don't desire the very same thing to occur to anyone else."

A other Cartoon Network employee and former writer for Clarence likewise spoke out versus Skyler ~ above his Tumblr, claiming the creator's conduct was his reason for leaving the show.

"Obviously Skyler web page sexually assaulted a woman artist in ~ CN. Skyler's a item of s--t, and also CN should give him the boot," that wrote. "Emily Partridge is one badass chick because that standing approximately a man who a many of world wanted to cover increase for. Skyler's a--hole actions (though not yet sexual assault) was the main reason i quit the show much more than a year ago."

Skyler to be fired indigenous Cartoon Network together a result of the allegations, and the show continued without him for some time.

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