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Christie Brinkley"sdaughters, sailor Brinkley-CookandAlexa ray Joel, room spilling the tea ~ above what their mom is really like as soon as the cameras aren"t rolling!

ET solely sat down v Christie, Sailor and Alexa beam at their picture shoot forNYDJjeans in brand-new York City, where they opened up about their familybondand life athomeahead that Mother"s Day. Christie shares 35-year-old Alexa Ray with ex-husband Billy Joel, and 22-year-old seafarer with ex-husband Peter Cook.

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When asked what fans would be surprised come learn about their 67-year-old supermodel mom, Sailor claimed it"s that she"s actually "very chill."

"She has actually a really bubbly, energetic personality, but shetakes she time in the morning. She doesn"t require to, like, gain on a face of makeup and also full outfit," sailor explained. "She can chill in her pajamas,do work, emails, play v the dog and also then placed on some overalls and go come the garden every day. That"s just sort of prefer her day come day. It"s not always glam."

"Being able come go with the flow and have some funny outside,get dirty and also not worry around how girlfriend look every the time," she continued. "Withsupermodels, friend think that they"re continuous stressed around how they look,and Ithink through my mom, it simply comes really naturally to her.Like if she feels good, she"s gonna look at good. She focuses on emotion good, i m sorry is definitely important."

Alex ray chimed in, informing ET the her mommy is additionally an "amazing artist."

"She"s an incredible painter!" she raved. "She actually painted my father,Billy Joel"s, River that Dreams album, which to be gorgeous. A the majority of times I"ve put that up and also people will be like, "Who painted that?" and I"m like, "My mom!"People don"t realizeshe"s yes, really a renaissance woman. She"s multi-talented. She has actually beautiful penmanship as well.Like, I actually tried to copyher cursive since it"s therefore good. She"s very, very, very artistic, and she instilled that in me."

Sailor and also Alexa Ray additionally joked the their mother isthe one in the family members most likely to write-up on society media ~ a couple of too numerous glasses of her organic prosecco,Bellissima.

"Mom is a lightweight!" Alex ray said, laughing. "She has, like, one glass and also she is .And she it s okay extra giggly."

"Not one glass, a sip!" added Sailor. "It"s less of, like, a drunk message that she does and more like a drunk Instagram Story or something. Like, she write-ups a yes, really funny video. She"ll it is in like, "I simply drank mine Bellissimaand ns feel amazing!"

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Clearly there"s a most laughs in ~ home, but the funny doesn"t avoid there! Christie, Alexa Ray and also Sailor additionally opened up about what it"s choose working together as a family, including their latest project shoot because that NYDJ.

"It"s really fun. Ns mean, it renders it no as intimidating as soon as you walk to work," seafarer explained."It provides it kind ofmore fun and free and comfortable, because we"re all laughing at each other and not acquisition each other as seriously."

"It"s type of likevery carefree vibes," Alexa beam added. "But it likewise reminds me ofhow we have much more in usual than sometimes I realize. Like, us all perform -- as I guess mother taught us --tricks in ~ the posing, the laughing thing. So when we smile, to smile naturally, us all giggle a small bit."

As because that Christie? "Well,for me, i mean, i love working v them," she gushed.

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"I love law anything through them. Mine favorite location to be is with my family," she said. "I"m happy at any time I"m v them. The doesn"t issue if I"m working or eating or the town hall a movie v them, I"m simply happy!"

Hear more in the video clip below.


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