Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby will be earlier on the Dancing v the Stars stage this mainly after performing remotely last Monday

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The Dancing with the Stars duo had actually been quarantining in your respective homes — Los Angeles for Burke, new York City because that Rigsby — after ~ both contracted breakthrough cases of COVID-19. Burke, 37, was the an initial to test optimistic late last month, if Rigsby, 34, tested optimistic for the virus four days later. 

On Saturday, though, Burke posted a photo with she Peloton instructor companion at what appeared to be a rehearsal for the upcoming Disney week on the compete series. 

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On Thursday, Burke announced that she had completed she quarantine and would it is in dancing live with Rigsby throughout the upcoming episodes of DWTS. 

"I have been official cleared. Ns am ago to normal. No an ext quarantine because that me," she claimed in a post posted come Instagram. "Unfortunately, Cody is tho in quarantine, yet he will certainly be ago in Los Angeles starting Friday, which means we deserve to technically dance on both Monday and also Tuesday." 



Burke continued, "I'm thankful that we're healthy. Give thanks to you guys for all your assistance over the past week-and-a-half or ten days. It's been truly an emotionally rollercoaster, but wouldn't have actually been maybe to get through the without every one of you guys and all of your support. Ns am just happy that Cody is okay, and also we're tho rehearsing via Zoom together we speak." 

"You'll see united state both earlier in the ballroom Monday and also Tuesday night," she added. "I to be so excited. We've obtained lots of occupational to do."

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During last week's show, the pair take it on DWTS' first-ever remote performance, filming your "Gimme More" jazz routine separately from your homes. Complying with the performance, Burke told human being the far dance to be "one the the hardest things" she's "ever" had actually to do. 

"I'm just really thankful that in spite of everything that's occurred in the last several days, we've been able to pivot and also stay in the competition virtually for this week," she shared.