Charles walking Barkley is a one-of-a-kind personality. The previous NBA player can crack jokes through the best of them together Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson Jr.

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~ above TNT’s Inside the NBA.

On the court, sir Charles was a conquering presences because that the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and also Houston Rockets in spite of never win an NBA Finals. The 1993 NBA MVP, 11-time NBA All-Star, two-time Olympic gold medalist and five-time All-NBA an initial Team strength forward became the “Round Mound of Rebound” in ~ Alabama’s Leeds High School and Auburn University before becoming the fifth in its entirety pick in the 1984 NBA Draft.

Off the court, he had some significant swagger. The starred in Nike commercials, had his very own line that shoes, dabbled in Hollywood by exhilaration in Space Jam v Bulls superstar Michael Jordan and even hooped head-to-head through Godzilla. His eye-popping net worth is proof of his affect as among the more well-known NBA football player of all time.

Barkley’s life is well-documented, but not lot is known about his personal life and also family. He’s been married to the exact same woman due to the fact that 1989 and had one kid with her. That is the secret woman who found the Mound Round?

Who is Charles Barkley’s wife Maureen Blumhardt?

cjbycookie & i partied every night long with hall of Famer and my Dream Team teammate Charles Barkley and also his mam at the White House! pic.twitter.com/ROUgRhVGHr

— Earvin Magic Johnson (
MagicJohnson) January 8, 2017

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Barkley’s longtime wife is Maureen Blumhardt. She was born in 1960 and also met her expert basketball player husband in the 1980s in ~ Pennsylvania restaurant City Avenue, according to Cheatsheet.They to be both reportedly in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in ~ the time.

She was reportedly working as a legal aide in ~ the time. Barkley, meanwhile, was becoming a basketball star top top the 76ers in Philadelphia. The 2 tied the node in 1989 and also have been going solid ever since. If he’s a jokester at home, I’m no sure exactly how she’s put up through him for so long.


They Live In a Mansion

Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File

The Barkleys reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to records discovered on the Maricopa County home Appraiser website, they own a item of home that is nearly three acres large — 106,013 square feet to it is in exact. It’s worth virtually $2.8 million, according to the county’s website, and also was last bought in 1998 for $2 million.

A fast search top top Google planet reveals the mansion comes v a tennis court, pool, guest house and also even a placing green and also sand trap. Evaluate from the Basketball Hall-of-Fame member’s golf swing, the looks prefer Chuck requirements to hang out in the earlier yard a little more.

Maureen Is a previous Model

Per Cheatsheet and Heavy.com, Maureen provided to model ago in the day. Cheatsheet reported that she promoted Noblerex K-1, a whole-body vibrating exercise machine, in ~ one point. There’s even video proof on Youtube that Maureen swearing by the machine.

Maureen Is pretty Funny Herself

My husband called me ours dryer to be shrinking his clothing. I told the that i think it's ours refrigerator.

— Maureen Barkley (
MaureenBarkley) July 8, 2019


Fans the “dad jokes” will enjoy Maureen’s energetic comedy-infused Twitter account.

“I bought part cheese and put that behind a pane that glass, v a sledge hammer near by…….just in queso emergency.” she tweeted top top June 14.

“I just found out that I’m colorblind. I had actually no idea. It come out of the green!” she composed on march 8, 2020.

She’s also made fun of her husband’s portly figure on society media: “My husband told me that as soon as he does extreme cardio, he gets sweaty, his heart races & he loses his breath. Ns told him it’s more than likely an allergy reaction,” she tweeted on march 22, 2019.

It appears she’s got a an excellent sense the humor like her hilarious husband.

They have actually One Child

AP Photo

The American NBA analyst and Maureen have actually one child, daughter Christiana Barkley (not Christina). Their only child graduated from Villanova college in Pennsylvania and also attended Columbia University, particularly the Columbia Journalism School. Possibly she’s planning on beginning the sports media business like her dad?

Barkley told USA Today in 2016 the his daughter’s passionate fandom because that Villanova basketball.

“My daughter was living and also dying v every game for the last three weeks, so i was really more excited for her, to be honest with you… She’s to be going to a Villanova bar in new York City every game,” the former NBA star said once Villanova winner the nationwide championship. “She didn’t also want to concerned the game since she didn’t want to jinx the game.”


Christiana and her mother have been affiliated with the Fresh begin Women’s Foundation, a non-profit company that “helps ladies 18 and up emphasis on key areas of their lives.” Maureen is an honorary member the the organization and was spotted at among its galas in 2016.

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Other 보다 that, over there isn’t a entirety lot of details on sir Charles’ family. It’s perfect fine that he prefers to keep them out of the spotlight, too. I’m sure he wouldn’t desire them come the subject of any kind of jokes indigenous Shaq.