Angélil, that was Dion"s manager, husband and also father the her three children, lost his battle with throat cancer on January 14, 2016 at the period of 73.

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Céline Dion required to Instagram to post a quick but relocating message to she late husband René Angélil top top the four-year anniversary that his death. The "My Heart will certainly Go On" singer shared a tribute this time last year together well, ensuring that the memory of him endures.



Dion shed Angélil—her husband, long-time manager, and also father that her three boys ~ above January 14, 2016, to neck cancer. Two days after her husband"s death, her brother passed away as well, additionally after a cancer battle. Dion revealed in a September 2019 interview v Today, the she wants to relief the love of she life, who she to be married to for over 20 years, the she"s still pursuing her passion in spite of the loss: "We’re fine; we’re walking to it is in okay. I acquired this," she said.

On her Instagram write-up of Angélil stop an adorably sleepy dog, the singer wrote: "There is no a day the goes by without me thinking around your beautiful smile. We miss out on you, give thanks to you for watching over united state my love. I love you. Céline xx…"

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After suffering such tragedy, it would certainly be understandable because that the 51-year-old to stop the windy spotlight, however instead Dion has actually chosen to take every moment by storm. Revealing that she"s life her ideal life, the icon closed the end her 16-year las Vegas residency in 2019 v an emotional tribute to she husband, that was by she side because that the bulk of the run. And also in April 2019, she was named L"Oreal"s spokesperson. "I never saw that coming, specifically at 51 year old," she stated in a push release about the announcement. "When you think I’m done, I’m just starting."

Indeed, the songstress is additionally embarking top top a civilization tour after the November 2019 release of she album Courage.

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Despite her liven life, she continues to short article happy image of her three children—René-Charles Angélil, 18, and twins Eddy and Nelson Angélil, 9. On René-Charles"s 18th birthday, the famous mom composed a an extensive note to she son: "Your father continues to guide you, helping you to do the appropriate choices. And I am right here to walk alongside you and always take on you with my unconditional love. Enjoy being 18. Life is as beautiful as you are. May your joy be as great as the love and pride that I have actually for you."

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It"s beautiful to view the five-time Grammy compensation winner thriving. Perhaps Dion said it ideal in an interview on Good Morning America: "You cannot protect against living ... Today"s the very first day of the start of mine life."

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