One does not truly experience Las vegas without attending a Celine Dion show. No matter how old she is, fans can count ~ above her capacity to placed on a show worthy of every the awards.

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Unfortunately, though, Dion’s recent health involves may it is in the end of her legendary residency. She newly expressed woe at having to postpone the return of her las Vegas residency, Celine.

Her health comes to may be related to her age. The fifty-three-year-old singer has been performing because she to be fifteen years old. Will she do a triumphant go back to the Vegas stage or take it this as an opportunity to retire?


Medical concerns

Celine Dion has proven herself a consummate professional, nevertheless of just how old she is as soon as she’s working. After her husband’s passing, she invested eight months functioning on presenting the continuation of her Celine residency.

Dion has been working difficult to ensure the the show – like her heart – will certainly go on. With her recent health and wellness concerns, however, Celine has actually been postponed. Dion has actually cited pains muscle spasms together the factor for the untimely delay.

Fans enthusiastically anticipating she return were disappointed to learn of she illness-related delay. However, they’ve to express love & assistance in her journey to wellness.

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I’m upper heart by this. My team and I have been functioning on our new show for the past eight months, and to not have the ability to open this November saddens me past words. Now, I have actually to focus on acquiring better… I desire to get through this as quickly as i can. – Celine xx…

— Celine Dion (
celinedion) October 19, 2021

Whether or not this spells the end of her residency has actually yet to it is in seen. She has planned to go back to the phase in February 2022. One of two people way, she fans will be wait on the leaf of your seats for Celine.