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Born:September 25, 1969 (age 52)SwanseaWales...(Show more)Awards and also Honors:Tony Awards (2010)Academy award (2003)Academy award (2003): Actress in a sustaining RoleTony compensation (2010): finest Actress in a Musical...(Show more)

Catherine Zeta-Jones, initial name Catherine Zeta Jones, (born September 25, 1969, Swansea, Wales), Welsh-born actress who demonstrated her flexibility in a wide variety of films, many notably the musical Chicago (2002), because that which she winner the Academy award for ideal supporting actress.

Jones (Zeta to be her middle name; she included the hyphen later) to be the daughter the Irish and also Welsh parents. She performed v her church’s amateur theatre team as a child and also soon secured the starring role in the troupe’s production of Annie. As soon as she was 13 year old, she won first prize in a national tap-dancing competition. At age 15 she battered school and also moved to London to go after a career in acting. Her first major onstage role came two years later on in a West end revival that the musical 42nd Street as soon as both the lead and the an initial understudy for the role were can not to perform; the producer the the musical then made she the lead for the remainder that the production run. It was not till she landed the function of Mariette Larkin in the popular British television comedy-drama collection The Darling sprout of May during the at an early stage 1990s, however, that Zeta-Jones came to be well well-known in England. She popularity made her a regular target that the media; ~ a an especially harrowing event in which she drive her vehicle into a lamppost when trying come elude the paparazzi, Zeta-Jones moved to the unified States.

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Zeta-Jones relocated to Los Angeles yet initially discovered it challenging to acquire a foothold in Hollywood films. She starred instead in made-for-television movies. Her performance in one together project, the 1996 miniseries Titanic, captured the eye of manager Steven Spielberg, who believed she would certainly be an ideal for a leading duty in his then-upcoming manufacturing of The Mask the Zorro (1998). After this breakthrough, Zeta-Jones walk on to star the contrary Sean Connery in the thriller Entrapment (1999) and to portray the mam of a drug dealer in Steven Soderbergh’s Oscar-winning drama Traffic (2000). Zeta-Jones showed up in the romantic comedy High Fidelity in 2000, the same year she married gibbs Michael Douglas.

In 2002 Zeta-Jones starred together the homicidal entertainer Velma Kelly in the film adaptation the the renowned Broadway music Chicago. She singing and also dancing an abilities impressed critics and audiences and helped her win an Oscar. She subsequently appeared in numerous comedies, consisting of Intolerable Cruelty (2003), in i m sorry she play a cunning gold digger opposite George Clooney, and The Terminal (2004), a movie directed by Spielberg and also featuring Tom Hanks. In 2004 she starred through Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon in Ocean’s Twelve, a sequel to the blockbuster Ocean’s Eleven (2001).

During the latter half of the 2000s, Zeta-Jones’s film work became much more sporadic, although The Legend the Zorro (2005) and the romantic comedy No Reservations (2007) detailed her with influential roles. She changed the following decade in such movies as the 1980s-set rock musical Rock that Ages (2012) and also the romantic comedy Playing because that Keeps (2012). In 2013 Zeta-Jones showed up in the crime thrillers Broken City, together the glamorous wife of a corruption politician, and also Side Effects, together a secretive psychotherapist. Additionally that year she play a Russian spy in the activity comedy RED 2. She then went back to television, showing the actress Olivia de Havilland in the anthology collection Feud and the medicine trafficker Griselda Blanco in the TV movie Cocaine Godmother (both 2017). She later on starred in the series Queen America (2018–19).

In 2009 Zeta-Jones made she Broadway debut in a revival of the Stephen Sondheim musical A tiny Night Music. For she performance as the sweden actress Desirée, she won a Tony compensation in 2010. The following year Zeta-Jones was made a commander of the order of the British realm (CBE).

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