The function of a journalist is to provide facts and also accurate news come the public. Perhaps that’s the factor why Catherine Herridge is among the many respected journalists in the American journalism field.

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Besides, she is additionally a well-established tv personality and author. Herridge is right now working as Chief intelligence correspondent because that the Fox News Channel. Yet apart from her onscreen, not countless know about her real-life issue. This day we will ensure friend will get all the answers concerning her life, husband, and also much more.

Catherine Herridge

Before we dive right into her life, understanding some facts might help.

Catherine Herridge: fast Facts

Full NameDate of BirthAgeBirthplaceNationalityEthnicityHoroscopeEducationEye colorHair colorBuildHeightWeightProfessionActive YearNet WorthSpouseChildrenSocial Media
Catherine Herridge
May 18, 1964
55 years
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Harvard College, Columbia University
Light Brown
Dark Brown
5 feet 8 inches(172 cm)
57 Kg(126 lbs)
Journalist, Author
$10 million
Jeff Miller

Bio and also Education

Catherine Herridge is one of the deemed journalists and reporters in America. She to be born on might 18, 1964, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Together mentioned, Herridge hold the citizenship the both America and also Canada.

Similarly, Herridge is the white ethnicity. She comes from a army family, and also both of she parents to be Canadian. However, not much has been disclosed by Catherine about her parents.

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Likewise, Catherine completed she high school education in Canada from Jarvis Collegiate Institue. Later on on, she relocated to the says to pursue her higher studies.

Also, she got her bachelor’s level from Harvard College and also a Master’s degree from the Columbia university Graduate college of Journalism in journalism.

Age and also Other Measurements- exactly how Old Is Catherine Herridge?

The influential journalist commemorated her 55th birthday this year ~ above May 18. Regardless of crossing 50, Catherine has maintained her youthful appearance and also charm.

Talking about her features, Herridge particularly has long and also luscious dark brown hair through light-colored eyes. Moreover, she is blessed in terms of physical features too. Standing at the elevation of 5 feet 8 customs (172 cm), Herridge weighs 57 kg(126 lbs).

Sadly, the exact measurements the her number are unknown at the moment. And we will make certain to update you top top this matter.

Moreover, she has actually a slim and proportionated number of which exact measurements space unknown. No to mention, Catherine is always camera ready.

Professional Career: Fox News

From the beginning, Catherine did she education, specifically to pursue her career in journalism. Initially, she started as a London based correspondent because that ABC News. Later on in 1996, she join the Fox News Channel as the Chief intelligence Correspondent in Washington DC.

Likewise, Catherine was affiliated in the extending of Intelligence, the Justice department of homeland Security. Also, Catherine to be the very first to covering the 9/11 attack. At that time, she interviewed the chairman that House intelligence Committee Congressman, Mike Rogers.

Moreover, she additionally reported from different spots worldwide, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Israel, and Guantanamo Bay. Besides, she extended Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s Senate campaign in 2002.

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To add up she credentials, Catherine functioned as a brand-new York-based correspondent because that the Fox broadcasting Network news magazine, Fox Files. there she led the investigations right into Medicare fraud, prescription drugs, and also child prostitution. Also, Herridge was awarded the Bronze human being Medal for she dedication.

Furthermore, Catherine has actually been a component of lot remarkable news and reporting. From spanning stories favor the northern Ireland peace commitment to the death of Princess Diana, she had actually done it all.

Catherine Herridge: The following Wave

Throughout her career, Catherine had actually the opportunity to travel to plenty of corners that the world. Together a journalist, she has actually witnessed plenty of events and also stories contrary to her jobs.

Hence, together an appreciation to her fans, Catherine wrote a publication titled ‘The following Wave.‘ The book comprises of all the experiences and events the she witnessed during her travels and investigations.

Moreover, Herridge has actually tried her ideal to expose the real face of terrorism. She has actually even consisted of all the hazards or opinions occurring from the various parts the the world.

Is Catherine Herridge Retiring?

According to Fox News, ~ above October 31, 2019, it was announced the Catherine would certainly be leaving the network. However, she won’t it is in retiring whenever soon. Indigenous there, Herridge will go on and also join CBS News together a senior Investigative correspondent.

Even despite it is because that the appropriate cause, the news sure came as a shock. Catherine is just one of the establishing employees in ~ Fox News and also worked over there for nearly 23 years as Chief intelligence Correspondent.

Personal Life and Children- who Is Catherine Herridge’s Husband?

Despite her busy and also hectic schedule, Catherine controlled to find love in she life. As of now, Catherine is a married woman. She is happy married come her long-term boyfriend, Jeff Miller, who is one Air pressure pilot.

Though the pair tied the node on March 13, 2004, they have yet to expose anything from their date life. Similarly, the wedding to be done in an intimate ceremony to visit by your family, nearby friends, and also relatives.

Catherine Herridge through her family

They are now proud parental of two children named Peter and Jamie. In 2006, Catherine donated a section of she liver to her son Peter who was diagnosed v biliary atresia.

As the now, the family members of four is living a happy life in the states. Also, the pair have actually not been associated with any type of controversies or affairs.

What Is The network Worth of Catherine Herridge?- Salary and Income

As that 2020, Catherine has a network worth of $10 million. Though the amount is a lot, it was no the exact same before. Earlier in 2010, Catherine sued Fox News to increase her value by 95%. Also, she pleaded come be paid $900,000 annually, if at that time, she was just paid $100,000.

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Though her request was disregarded, there is no doubt the the journalist of she caliber is underpaid. Besides, she is life a blissful and also content life with her household as the now.

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Social Media Presence

As of 2020, the famous media personality/ reporter is not active on any social media accounts.