Bachelor: Cassie Randolph Goes official with friend Brighton Reinhardt The Bachelor"s Cassie Randolph do her relationship Instagram main after months of dating. Her friend posted cute beach photos of the two.

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The Bachelor alum Cassie Randolph has actually gone Instagram official with her boyfriend months ~ confirming that she remained in a brand-new relationship. Cassie shown her connection with her existing boyfriend, Brighton Reinhardt, in might 2020 but the two have actually kept their relationship private online. A resource close come Cassie said US Weekly, "Right now, lock still enjoy it spending time through one another and also just seeing where points go."

Cassie"s relationship might be fresh, yet she and her 24-year-old friend have had a friendship for over 5 years. Romance rumors between the 2 sparked in April 2020 as soon as Brighton joined Cassie, she family and close girlfriend on a vacation to Mexico whereby they celebrated Cassie"s 26th birthday. Although the 2 did not article pictures together, their individual Instagram posts made the clear the they to be on vacation together. The musician was ideal by Cassie"s side together she went with a dark breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Colton Underwood. “He obviously to know what she went v with Colton and just sustained her along the way,” one insider told united state Weekly.

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After months of dating, Cassie and also her friend Brighton do their partnership Instagram official. Top top Wednesday, Brighton posted a series of photos of him and also Cassie ~ above Instagram.

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The two were on the coast with huge smiles ~ above their deals with from candid laughter. The subtitle wrote, "insert cheesy caption here*." Cassie"s best friend and also The Bachelor alum, Katie Morton, comment under the post, "