Casie Colson Baker is an American famed as a celebrity kid. She increased to fame as the firstborn daughter of rapper, an equipment Gun Kelly(MGK). Likewise, she additionally appeared v MGK in ~ the Nickelodeon Kids an option Awards.

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Casie Colson Baker to be born in the United says of America on July 23, 2009. She is 11 years old and also is under the bear sign, Leo. She holds the American nationality.

Her father’s name is Richard Colson Baker mainly well known as Machine total Kelly and her mother’s name is Emma Cannon. Her father is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor as well whereas nothing is available around her mother. And also Casie’s mommy is not energetic on any type of social media platforms together well.

MGK and Emma Cannon are often thought to have actually married, however, that’s never been confirmed or denied. And, not lot is known about their relationship including when they got together and when lock split. Casie lives with her father and also is very close to him. MGK often shares photos of his daughter ~ above his society accounts.

Moreover, she father met she at a Blink-182 concert, and also the following day, he presented himself as soon as they later ran into one another once again at a tattoo shop referred to as Ohio City Tattoo. Over there Emma was gaining his motto “Lace Up” etched in ~ the crease of she breasts.

Furthermore, MGK revealed the he used to party late-nights which had actually no boundaries to stop. And he additionally was a heavy drinker and didn’t care about anything in ~ all. But his life completely changed ~ Casie stepped into his world. He began working a many than before as he wanted to become a responsible and also caring parent. Also, that left his bad habits and spends an ext of his time with his daughter.

Regarding she educational background and qualification, the name of the educational college she is attending is not accessible at the moment. Considering she age, she must be examining in School and also maybe in a prestigious school as well.


Caption: Casie Colson Baker in addition to her father, MGK (Source: Google)

Career and also Professional Life

Casie Colson Baker doesn’t occupational anywhere and also has no career at the moment. She is an ext focused top top her researches now. However, her voice is heard at the end of MGK’s track “Everyday” indigenous his 2nd album, basic Admission. Casie states “Daddy, you stated you to be gonna FaceTime me”. It reflects the cute and adorable moment in between Casie and her father. The is pretty much sure that they are an extremely close to every other and are like ideal friends to each other.

Moreover, Casie is additionally seen with MGK at the Nickelodeon Kids selection Awards. There was also a rumor the she will certainly come soon in the tv series. Still, this rumor has actually neither been confirmed nor denied. Moreover, she is often seen in her father’s stage show and songs as well.

Casie Colson has often appeared in images on she father’s insanely popular Instagram account. Likewise, she is stated in rapper Eminem’s diss monitor “KILLSHOT” as well. Moreover, Casie is just one of the renowned celebrity kids. She is the single child that MGK and an extremely much enjoys her life and also seems an extremely happy come be through her father. Casie was featured on his album Hotel Diablo, on the track Floor 13, whereby she states “Hotel Diablo” at the end.

Other 보다 this, lock are regularly captured and also photographed with each other in a many of places such together award shows, various other entertaining shows, and many more. She is likewise living a life like a celebrity as she is a celebrity kid. However, it seems as if she life is fun and is enjoying various benefits v her father.

Furthermore, Casie goes come the gym in a routine with her father, MGK. She go moderate exercises together with him such as jogging, skipping, and cycling.


Caption: Casie Colson Baker in the stage display of she father (Source: Google)

Relationship Status

Casie Colson Baker is probably single at the moment. She is still very young to it is in in any type of kind that romantic relationship. Also, she is in her age where she should focus on having actually fun, studying, playing through friends, and also enjoying life rather than being in such a relationship. However, she has a very an excellent personality and is a really beautiful and attractive girl as well. And also Casie has actually a the majority of admirers currently so the wouldn’t it is in a surprise once she would certainly be in a romantic relationship later in the future.

Body Measurements


Caption: Casie Colson Baker posing for a picture (Source: Instagram)

Social Media and also Net Worth

Casie doesn’t own any kind of social media accounts. She is still an extremely young come have any kind of social accounts. She would definitely own society accounts once in the future.

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Furthermore, talking about her net worth, she doesn’t knife anything as she doesn’t work. But talking about his father’s net worth that is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and actor, device Gun Kelly has a net worth the $10 million.