Carrie Underwood fans recognize that the singer is a doting mommy to her two children, 5-year-old Isaiah and also 23-month-old Jacob. But the youngest child of Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, deserve to sometimes be a grasp — and small Jake's acquired a nickname to enhance that character.

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As any parent of two or much more children knows, each kid has a unique set of challenges that goes together with their personality. In Carrie's life, that's borne out in her 2 boys — Isaiah has actually a knack because that being the sweet, sensitive one. ~ above the flipside, Jacob's turned the end to it is in a little more rowdy.

Can friend guess the nickname Jacob's earned for being a little bit of a troublemaker? Underwood divulged the name in a recent interview in i m sorry Taste of nation Nights took component — keep reading to discover out what that is.

"Isaiah was always a cuddler," Underwood describes of her earliest boy's demeanor. "He always wanted you to it is in holding the or sit in your lap or resting with you. We had actually a really unstable time whereby he was coming right into our room every single night at prefer 2 o'clock in the morning."

However, raising small Jacob Bryan Fisher — he's the singer's baby boy, born in 2019 — has actually so much proven to be a various adventure for Underwood. And the entertainer describes how he differs from Isaiah.

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"Jake is the opposite," Underwood says. "He's always been like, no, placed me down, leave me alone, you're in my way. Therefore he can be a little an ext independent. Ns feel favor he's acquiring a little much more cuddly the older he gets, and also he appears to be obtaining a little sweeter."

Still, the singer phone call Jacob she "rough-and-tumble, bull-in-a-china-shop kid. He wants to climb. Once he thinks he's gift funny, that's once he's gonna carry out the mischievous stuff. You can't laugh at him, yet it's the hardest thing in the people not to laugh in ~ him. He simply seems to be a tiny wilder."

"One that Isaiah's tiny friends the is sort of approximately them calls that 'Jake the trouble Make,'" Underwood reveals. "And I would certainly say the is accurate."

Earlier this month, Underwood outlined she family's Christmas plans in a panel of fellow country musicians as component of Cracker Barrel's Sounds the the Season. If there, she additionally performed her original song "Sweet baby Jesus," bring away from her My Gift Christmas album and also HBO Max special.