The baby was diagnosed through transposition the the great arteries, or TGA, and will require open up heart surgery just days after ~ birth


NBC White home Correspondent Carol Lee and also her husband, Lt. Col. Ryan Harmon, room expecting their an initial child with each other

NBC News' White house Correspondent Carol Lee announced she's currently six month pregnant, revealing the the baby has actually a rarely congenital heart defect that needs surgery.

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On Thursday, Lee announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Lt. Col. Ryan Harmon, telling Today Parents that the happy news come after a miscarriage, and that their infant was conceived via IVF ~ above their an initial transfer. The journalist, that is due in June, is likewise mom to child Hudson, 8.

With the announcement, the mom additionally revealed that her baby young on the way was diagnosed v transposition of the good arteries, or TGA, once she to be 16 main along. The child will have to undergo open-heart surgical treatment within the first couple of days after gift born, she said.

"I thought we were in the clear. I believed we were excellent crying," Lee, 43, speak Today. "The component that terrifies me the most is bringing him home. I'm usually going to rigid at him 24 hours a work watching the breathe. Ns don't know just how I to be going to sleep."

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NBC White residence Correspondent Carol Lee and her husband, Lt. Col. Ryan Harmon, space expecting their very first child with each other


Lee shares that her husband, 36, remains "really positive" while he "keeps recall me that we have actually the best doctors and everything is going to be okay."

"Our project is to set our baby up to thrive. This has been a difficult journey v a lot of setbacks, but we tho feel incredibly lucky," she says.

According to the mayo Clinic, TGA is a "serious but rare love defect" where the "two main arteries leaving the heart are reversed."

The experts add: "Corrective surgery quickly after bear is the usual therapy for transposition of the good arteries. Having a baby v transposition that the an excellent arteries can be alarming, but with suitable treatment, the outlook is promising."

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