CARDI B's lookalike sister Hennessy Carolina has forged a career and also following of her own.

The previous Love & i know well Hop star has actually amassed a chuck 7 million followers on Instagram.

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Hennessy Carolina starred on two periods of Love & i know good Hop: new York

Who is Cardi B's sister Hennessy Carolina?

Hennessy Carolina is the 2nd daughter the Carlos and Clara Almanzar.

She to be born top top December 22, 1995, making her simply over 3 years younger than huge sister Cardi B.

Hennessy Carolina is a significant influencer and fashion blogger, and also even tried her hand at truth TV after showing up in two seasons of Love & hip Hop: brand-new York between 2016 and also 2018.

Hennessy ultimately quit the present to focus on society media - and also it definitely looks favor it was the right choice, together the star currently boasts an exceptional 7 million followers on Instagram.

On her page, the star on regular basis shares breaks of her outfits, also as an individual pictures of her spending time with her family - including taking niece Kulture come school!

Did Hennessy Carolina provide Cardi B her nickname?

Cardi B's stage name is a shortened version of a childhood nickname, Cardi Bacardi.

The rapper got the nickname Bacardi, favor the rum brand, because of the truth that she had actually a sister called Hennessy, i m sorry is a renowned brandy.

Bacardi was at some point shortened to just a B, do Cardi B a nickname the star has lugged long prior to she found worldwide fame.






Cardi B named Playboy's first resident creative director together she teases ideas

Who is Hennessy Carolina's girl friend Michelle Melo?

Hennessy Carolina has been in a connection with irreversible girlfriend Michelle Melo, whose genuine name is Michelle Diaz, for four years.

The pair reportedly met in 2017, when Hennessy came throughout Michelle's file on Instagram whilst browsing with sister Cardi B.

Hennessy revealed to Vogue the after she came throughout Michelle ~ above her explore page, she immediately turned to Cardi and also said: "This is mine wife."

Although there's no sign of wedding bells ~ above the horizon simply yet, it's quite clear that Hennessy made the ideal decision to get in touch, as the two have been loved up ever before since.

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