Happy belated birthday to Candace Cameron Bure! The Full house alum recently celebrated a birthday, and she had actually a special blog post for her birthday twin and Hallmark co-star Marilu Henner.

Bure’s date of birth is April 6, the same as Henner’s. Both actresses star in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries on Hallmark movie & Mysteries, v Bure play the location character and Henner illustrating her mom Aida.

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On Instagram, Bure called her co-star and also friend she “birthday twin” that she is “blessed come know and also work with” and wished her “a large happy birthday.”

“You are one of a kind and also SO an extremely special to me,” Bure wrote. “And happy date of birth to every the other April 6th babies the end there!” she added.

Candace Cameron Bure is 43 year old


Candace Cameron Bure | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Bure is 43 year old. She was born ~ above April 6, 1976, in Panorama City, California. Her huge brother is Kirk Cameron, and by the time she to be kindergarten age, she had adhered to her older sibling right into acting.

She landing her first job at period 5, when she showed up in several national commercials. Prior to long, she had earned tiny parts in shows like St. Elsewhere, T.J. Hooker, and Punky Brewster. At age 11, she debuted in her breakout duty as D.J. Tanner ~ above Full House.

Full house aired for eight seasons, which expected that Bure basically thrived up on TV. She also met her husband, pro hockey player Valeri Bure, because of the show. While working on Full House, her co-star Dave Coulier play in a charity hockey game, and also Bure attended. Coulier presented the hockey player and the actress, and also before long, the pair to be dating.

She’s been married for more than twenty years

Bure is quiet in her at an early stage 40s, however she’s been married for over two decades. She and her hockey player sweetheart obtained hitched in 1996, as soon as she was 20 years old. The couple now have three children, a daughter called Natasha who was born in 1998, a son called Lev born in 2000, and a second son called Maksim that was born in 2002.

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On the couple’s wedding anniversary in 2018, Bure common sweet tribute to her husband on Instagram.