Prince Charles and also Camilla Parker Bowles have been married since 2005, yet the 2 actually met in the 1970s.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles"s relationship, portrayed in The Crown, made headlines from the onset. The two reportedly very first met in 1971, according to the biography Charles and Camilla: Portrait of a Love to work by Gyles Brandreth.



It"s believed that Charles and also Camilla met in ~ a polo match in 1972, despite Brandreth wrote that they were actually introduced by their shared friend, Lucia Santa Cruz, the daughter the the former Chilean ambassador come London. After date for around a year, lock abruptly finished their connection in 1973, according to the BBC.

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Although they go on come marry various other people, lock reconnected and eventually obtained married in a polite ceremony top top April 9, 2005. Fans saw how their courtship began in season 3 of Netflix"s The Crown, which stars mockery O"Connor and also Emerald Fennell together the couple. However in season 4 of The Crown, we see just how unhappy Diana and Charles were in their very own marriage and how Camilla had actually a hand in that v her and the prince"s headline-making affair.

1971: Charles and Camilla meet.


Prince Charles and also Camilla reportedly first met in ~ a polo match, follow to the BBC, but together we mentioned, Brandreth writes castle met in 1971 via Lucia Santa Cruz, a shared friend.

The two quickly started date but broke up prior to Charles left to offer in the imperial Navy. When he reverted eight month later, Camilla was engaged to her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Andrew Parker Bowles.

1973: Camilla marries Andrew Parker Bowles.


On July 4, 1973, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles—who had actually previously date Charles"s sister, Princess Anne. Return Charles didn"t attend, his sister, the Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret to be there to clock Camilla end up being Mrs. Parker Bowles, follow to the BBC.

Camilla and Andrew walk on to have actually two children together, Tom (born December 18, 1974) and Laura (January 1, 1978). Charles and Camilla stayed friends and she called him Tom"s godfather.

1977: Charles meets Lady Diana Spencer.


When Lady Diana very first met Prince Charles, he was dating her sister, Sarah. Diana to be 16 year old at the time and also Charles to be 29. Follow to The Guardian, sarah was quoted speak "I introduced them, I"m Cupid."

"It was 1977, Charles concerned stay. He was a friend of my sister Sarah"s. because that a shoot. We sort of met in a plowed field," Diana said in a TV interview after your 1981 engagement.

1980: Diana meets Camilla.

When the climate Lady Diana Spencer started dating Charles in 1980, he presented her to Andrew and Camilla who were near friends that his. In ~ the time, he and Camilla were no yet romantically involved and Camilla is claimed to have actually approved the Diana. Royal biographer coin Juror stated that Camilla discovered the 19-year-old "sweet and also cute."

And the Princess that Wales recalled at an early stage days with Camilla once they were somewhat friendly."I met very early on," she stated in recordings for journalist Andrew Morton. "I was introduced to the circle, yet I was a threat. Ns was a really young girl, however I to be a threat."

1981: Charles and Diana announce their engagement.

On February 24, 1981, Diana and Charles announced lock were obtaining married. However, the engagement was far from a happy time, with Diana confessing in recordings to Morton that just days prior to the wedding, she found that Charles had actually a bracelet produced Camilla v the initials "G" and also "F" for your nicknames because that one another "Gladys" and also "Fred." A few months later, top top July 29, the two tied the knot—Diana had actually just turned 20, if Charles was 32.

In Andrew Morton"s story Diana: her True Story—In Her very own Words, Princess Diana revealed to him that she searched for Camilla at she wedding. "I knew she was in there, that course. I looked for her," she said, according to Good Housekeeping. "So walking under the aisle, ns spotted Camilla, pale gray, veiled pillbox hat."

A year after getting married, Diana and Charles invited their very first son, Prince William, and also in 1984, Prince Harry to be born.

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After remaining friends for years, Charles and also Camilla reportedly rekindled their partnership in 1986, according to People. In a 1995 interview v BBC One"s Panorama, Diana speak candidly about Camilla"s role in her partnership with Charles.

"There were 3 of us in this marriage, so it was a little crowded," she said. Diana likewise reportedly told her biographer, Morton, that she had tried confronting Camilla about the affair but it lead nowhere.

In a 1994 TV interview through his biographer, Jonathan Dimbley, Prince Charles spoke around his connection for the first time and also revealed he to be faithful come Princess Diana till their marriage was "irretrievably broken down."

"Mrs. Parker Bowles is a an excellent friend the mine. I have actually a huge number that friends. I"m terribly lucky to have so many friends that I think room wonderful and also make the whole distinction to my life, i m sorry would become intolerable otherwise," that said. "She has actually been a girlfriend for a an extremely long time, along with a many other friends, and also will continue to it is in a girlfriend for a an extremely long time."

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In an audio ice cream she produced Morton, she biographer, Diana revealed she faced Camilla around her affair with Charles in ~ a party, follow to The Telegraph.

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"I was terrified the her. I said, "I recognize what"s walk on in between you and also Charles and I simply want girlfriend to recognize that," Diana said. "She stated to me: "You"ve got every little thing you ever wanted. You"ve obtained all the men in the people fall in love v you and also you"ve acquired two beautiful children, what much more do girlfriend want?" So ns said, "I desire my husband." and I said, "I"m sorry I"m in the way...and it have to be hell for both the you. Yet I do recognize what"s walking on. Don"t treat me choose an idiot.""

1993: personal conversations in between Camilla and also Charles room leaked.

An intimate conversation in between Camila and Charles in 1989 was leaked in 1993. The Mirror published a complete transcript in which the 2 spoke about their physical relationship and also longing because that each other.

In January 1995, Camilla filed because that divorce, when Charles and Diana finalized theirs in august 1996. A year ~ Charles and also Diana"s divorce, on august 31, 1997, Diana tragically passed far in a car accident in Paris that additionally took the resides of her partner, business man Dodi Fayed, and the driver, Henri Paul.

1998: Charles introduce Camilla come Prince William and Harry.

According to The Guardian, "royal aides evidenced Prince William had actually met his father"s companion Camilla Parker Bowles for the an initial time." Prince Harry allegedly met her later on.

1999: Charles and Camilla do their very first public appearance together a couple.

After throw a date of birth party because that Camilla"s sister at the Ritz in London, Camilla and Charles were photographed with each other for the very first time.

2000: Queen Elizabeth II meets Camilla.

Queen Elizabeth II apparently refused to satisfy Camilla because that a lengthy time, according to BBC. Finally, in ~ a Prince Charles-hosted 60th birthday party because that the previous King of Greece, Constantine, the 2 women met.

2001: Charles and Camilla kiss in public.

For the an initial time, Charles and also Camilla kissed in publicly at an occasion for The national Osteoporosis society at Somerset house in London.

2003: Camilla move in.

According to Good Housekeeping, 2003 to be the year that Camilla relocated in come Prince Charles"s main Clarence home residence.

2005: Charles and Camilla obtain married.

In February 2005, the couple announced their engagement. Charles proposed to her v an arts deco style that functions a five-carat emerald cut diamond in the center and three diamond baguettes on every side. The ring belonged come his grandmother, the Queen Mother. In 2005, Clarence House described it together a family heirloom.

On April 9, 2005, Camilla and also Charles got married in a polite ceremony. Prince William served as the finest man, and also Camilla"s kid Tom to be a witness. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip didn"t attend the ceremony yet did make an appearance at the business of Prayer and Dedication in ~ St. George"s Chapel and at the reception, too.

2010: the general public starts wonder if Camilla"s title will ever before be Queen.

After Camilla and Charles gained married, the royal family released a explain stating exactly what Camilla"s title would be as soon as Charles ascends the throne.

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“As was defined at the moment of their wedding in April 2005, it is intended that The Duchess will certainly be recognized as HRH The Princess Consort as soon as The Prince that Wales Accedes to The Throne," that said, follow to The Telegraph.

When Charles i do not care King, it would be customary for Camilla"s title to change from the Duchess that Cornwall come Queen. Yet when NBC"s Brian Williams asked, "Does the Duchess the Cornwall come to be Queen of England if and also when you come to be the monarch?," Prince Charles responded, "That"s, well... We"ll see, won"t we? That might be."

When Charles does come to be king, the will have actually the strength to upgrade Camilla"s location to Queen Consort.

2012: Camilla accompanies Queen Elizabeth II throughout the Diamond Jubilee.

Queen Elizabeth II confirmed her assistance for her daughter-in-law by officially offering her the imperial honor of Dame grand Cross the the imperial Victoria Order. Later on that summer, Camilla rode through the queen throughout the Diamond Jubilee.

2015: Charles and Camilla memory 10 year of marriage.

In respect of their 10-year wedding anniversary, Clarence home released a photo of the pair at Balmoral castle in Scotland, i beg your pardon is where they celebrated their honeymoon and first wedding anniversary.

2016: Camilla joins the Queen"s Privy Council.

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In act so, Camilla join the ranks of the Queen"s most an elderly advisors. Prince Charles and also Prince william are additionally on the council—Prince Philip was, but retired from royal duties in 2016, every the BBC. Royal experts interpreted Camilla"s elevation to Privy Council as a sign that she has won over the Queen"s approval.

The Privy Council to be the thing of scrutiny previously this year. As soon as Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, left England in January 2020, the Privy Council figured out whether castle would keep their HRH titles. Castle didn"t.

2019: Charles and Camilla take a tour of new Zealand, choose Charles and also Diana go in The Crown.

Charles and also Camilla took an eight-day tourism of new Zealand in the loss of 2019. The fourth season of The Crown shows Charles and Diana in Oceania as well, throughout their 1983 comprehensive tour the Australia and new Zealand. Charles and also Camilla also visited brand-new Zealand in 2015.

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