Even though they never ever officially married, Burt Reynolds and Sally Field common one the Hollywood’s many iconic romances. In fact, their five-year relationship goes under in background as among the most passionate and also tumultuous love stories showbiz has ever seen.

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The Mrs. Doubtfire actress and the so late Boogie Nights actor, who passed away at age 82 in 2018, first crossed paths on the collection of Smokey and the Bandit in 1977. Native that moment on, Burt to be “the most essential influence that came into life other than children,” she as soon as told Closer.


Burt and Sally began dating after starring alongside each various other in their an initial film together. Over the next few years, the previous pair had actually onscreen reunions in 1978’s The End, 1978’s Hooper and 1980’s Smokey and the Bandit II.

Their whirlwind romantic lasted for five years prior to they referred to as it quits in 1982. Back Burt and also the Hello, My surname Is Doris star seemed choose soulmates to the world, the acting duo was in reality struggling behind close up door doors.


“Burt acquired restless. He had actually a really self-destructive streak that way,” Sylvia Resnick, writer of Burt Reynolds: An innocuous Biography and also The development of the Hollywood Heartthrob, specifically told Closer in June 2016. “Sally believed she might live v it, however it do her as well upset and also anxious.”

Following their breakup, both stars relocated on v their resides — or for this reason fans thought — and ended increase marrying other people. Burt tied the knot with actress Loni Anderson in 1983, though they i m so sad divorced in 1988. Sally, on the other hand, to be married to Alan Greisman native 1984 to 1994. The two had actually each previously been married once before, as well — Burt to Judy Carne indigenous 1963 till 1965 and Sally to Steven Craig from 1968 till 1975.

After every was said and done regarding their marriages, fans wondered if Sally and also Burt would ever before get earlier together despite not keeping in touch for many years. Prior to Burt’s fatality in September 2018, a resource close to the actor told Closer that he would’ve love to have actually reconnected v his former flame.

“Burt and also Sally finished on a poor note once they separation in 1982, yet he’d love a visit from her,” a friend of the Deliverance actor solely shared in July 2018, just months before he passed away of cardiac arrest. “He would certainly be exceptionally touched if she came and also they could talk over old time — the good times.”

Although Burt and also Sally never ever rekindled your romance, their incredible love story is quiet one to it is in remembered. Scroll through the gallery listed below to view Burt and also Sally’s relationship timeline.


Burt and also Sally Met

Burt and Sally an initial met on the collection of Smokey and the Bandit in the late 1970s. However, the Longest Yard actor revealed Sally virtually didn’t star alongside him in the 1977 flick.

“I to be told she was not sexy — she was the flying Nun,” Burt exclusively recalled come Closer in 2017. “I said them, ‘Trust me, talent is sexy. She is talented and sexy."”



The couple Fell in Love

In the at an early stage days of their relationship, Burt and also Sally make one hell the a couple. “They were together a an excellent team,” the Burt Reynolds: An innocuous Biography and also The advancement of the Hollywood Heartthrob author told Closer. “They both had the same sense of humor. The likes to kid and also so walk she.”


Burt and Sally Experience battles in your Relationship

Despite the truth that points looked peachy to crawl on the outside, Burt and Sally were privately living a life that unhappiness.

“Toward the finish of your relationship, once Sally’s star started to increase in terms of her credibility and talent, Burt was resentful and competitive,” a pal told Closer. “It was the death knell for your romance.”

Sally Felt like She was putting on a Performance

Sally revealed she even sometimes felt like she had actually to put on an act for her previous beau. “It was instantaneous and intense and I stated we to be a perfect complement of flaws,” she said of their connection on This Morning in October 2018. “We go together very well, however not necessarily because that the right factors … it to be a perform rut in my road. Ns say in the publication many time if I can have been different would he have actually been different.”


But and Sally referred to as it Quits

After dating for over 5 years, Sally and Burt officially called it quits in 1982. While chatting through Closer about their breakup, Burt take it the blame for the death of their relationship.

“I don’t know why i was so stupid. Men are prefer that, girlfriend know,” he claimed in 2017. “You uncover the perfect person, and also then you do whatever you have the right to to screw it up.”

Burt never Stopped loving Sally

After years of having no partnership whatsoever, Burt make a bombshell announcement when he called Closer the he tho wasn’t end his five-year romance v the brunette beauty.

“I tho love really much,” that revealed in October 2015. “I wish I can stay in touch through , however I live in Florida.”

Burt and Sally Still had Yet come Reconnect

Although Burt publicly professed his love for Sally, the two still didn’t store in touch for another few years. “We nothing really speak to every other, no,” the Gidget actress called People in 2017, despite him gift ill. She also agreed v his declarations the she is “the one that gained away,” quipping, “Well, yeah.”


The 2 Chatted about Each other in Interviews

Burt’s PDA for Sally was ramped increase a notch when he revealed she was the love the his life. “You’re naughty, you yes, really are,” the actor said to Hoda Kotb after ~ the Today cohost request him around his one true love in in march 2018. “I’m dead in the water, no issue what i say.”

Although Burt couldn’t have actually been more open and also honest about his feelings, Sally wasn’t too convinced. “I was always flattered once he claimed that,” she told Diane Sawyer following Burt’s windy outburst. “But he was a complex man. We’d well-known each other around three days, four days Smokey and also the Bandit>. It was instantaneous and also four days felt like 4 years. You have the right to see it in our faces. We were type of, girlfriend know, deeply entangled.”

Burt Tragically Died

At the moment of Burt’s fatality in September 2018, Sally reacted in an emotionally statement to People. “There room times in your life that room so indelible, they never fade away,” she gushed. “They stay alive, also 40 years later. Mine years with Burt never ever leave my mind. He will certainly be in my background and my heart, because that as long as i live. Rest, Buddy.”

Shortly after his death, the stole Magnolias star opened up about her longtime love in her memoir, In Pieces. In the book, which was released just days after Burt’s passing critical September, Sally details her relationship with the hunk. After ~ the news that death, Sally revealed she was relieved the gibbs would never read she story.

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“This would hurt him,” she told The new York Times. “I felt glad the he wasn’t going to check out it, he wasn’t going to it is in asked about it, and he wasn’t going to have to protect himself or lash out, i m sorry he most likely would have. I did not want to ache him any type of further.” though it didn’t job-related out with Burt, in the end, Sally is thankful for their time together.