Bruce Springsteen and also his mam of close to thirty years, Patti Scialfa, room two brand-new Jersey natives whose love story began on the road once they to be performing together in the E Street Band.

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Back in 1984, the future Rock and Roll hall of fame member and Scialfa met for the very first time in ~ The rock Pony bar in Jersey. Scialfa auditioned for Springsteen"s iconic Born In the U.S.A tour and also become its only female back-up singer. Lock would generally perform duets with each other on the road and had significant chemistry top top the stage.

Apparently, there to be an instant connection in between the two, however a friend presented the Springsteen come actress Julianne Phillips, who quickly stole Springsteen"s heart. Springsteen and also Phillips to be married on might 13, 1985. It became Springsteen"s demanding tourism schedule because that the Tunnel that Love refer Tour that led to a rift in between the couple. Scialfa had actually postponed functioning on a solo album come rejoin the tourism and, this time, sparks yes, really did fly.

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According come Scialfa"s high institution teacher in one interview v People, it come as no surprise to anyone at home that the Jersey girl finished up with "The Boss."

"Patti"s remained in love with Bruce for as lengthy as I have the right to remember," states Curtis K. Smith, her arts teacher in ~ Asbury Park High. "We"d always heard this and also that around Patti and Bruce native Michael. It wasn"t a huge surprise about here once it lastly came right into the open."

Springsteen finished his relationship with Philips and shortly after relocated in v Scialfa. The couple moved to Los Angeles together and immediately started growing their family. They welcomed son Evan James in 1990 and also then married in a exclusive ceremony at their house the complying with year. Shortly after, they invited two an ext children together, Jessica and Samuel.

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The family members moved earlier to their East shore home of brand-new Jersey, whereby they first met before the Born in the USA tour. They continue to perform together regularly. The couple"s daughter Jessica go on to end up being a nationally-ranked showjumping champion who represented the United says Equestrian Team. She recently won a silver medal in the Team jumping at the 2020 summer Olympics hosted in 2021 in Tokyo!