"I already love friend so much and also I can"t wait to clock you and also your sister come to be best friends," the nation star captioned a photo of the newborn



The nation singer, 40, and his mam Taylor, 33, welcomed their second daughter, Rowan Marie Young, top top Wednesday, July 21, they announced Saturday night on Instagram.

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"FYI….. The ladies in your life room superheroes and also you're the luckiest lady alive. Presley has actually been begging because that you. Be all set for me come mess everything up and also your mom and also sister to constantly be there to resolve it. Ns love you. Welcome to the 'Youngs'"

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Young revealed the couple's pregnancy news exclusively with civilization in January, saying at the time, "We really want them to it is in close sufficient in period so they could have a many things in common and also be ideal friends. Tay had actually her sister close in age cultivation up, so we both felt strong we want Presley to have actually the same."

"Tay is so close v her sister, and that's something we always knew we wanted for Presley. Us feel really blessed," the added.

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The "Not Yet" singer said they to be "so excited" for their new addition, adding that his wife had actually been a "rockstar" through raised morning sickness this time around: "Unfortunately the morning sickness is actual this time, i beg your pardon is uneven the first pregnancy. The being said, anyone is healthy and that's all the matters."

In March, he revealed that he to be expecting an additional baby girl during an illustration on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

For Mother's Day, Young praised his wife on Instagram, composing alongside a family photo, "I would certainly promise to invest the remainder of my life telling our children how lucky they are to have you together a mom. However I don't have actually to. There's no method that castle don't already know. You to be born because that this job and also you perform it with such beauty and grace ns feel lucky to angry it. Happy Mother's work pretty girl."

Young's upcoming children's book Love You, small Lady, based on the text of his No. 1 struggle "Lady," will be exit Aug. 24.

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