actual Housewives the Dallas: everything To Know around Brandi Redmond Brandi Redmond is among the more controversial stars on The real Housewives of Dallas. Here"s every little thing to know around the family-focused housewife.

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Brandi Redmond from The genuine Housewives the Dallas has been on Bravo TV screens due to the fact that the show"s an initial season. She is one of the very couple of women on the cast who has been on RHOD since the beginning.

Brandi was born ~ above July 10, 1978, in Memphis, Tennessee to mom Jana Nace. She later moved to Austin, Texas as soon as she was a teenager. Brandi met she husband, Bryan Redmond, in high school and the pair have been together ever before since. The is unclear as soon as the couple were married, yet they welcomed their an initial child, Brooklyn, 12, in 2008. 4 years later, the pair welcomed their second child, Brinkley, 9. After a long fertility struggle, Brandi surprised the cast and the viewers throughout season 3 by adopting she son, Bruin, 3. In October 2020, Brandi announced she and Bryan room expecting their fourth child together. Since announcing her pregnancy, Brandi had actually shared a few photos the her cultivation baby bump.

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According to The well known Info, after high school, Brandi attended Texas Woman’s University, wherein she obtained a Bachelor of scientific research in society Relations. ~ she to visit college, Brandi functioned as one All-Star, Pro-Bowl, and also five-time Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Throughout her time as a cheerleader, the 42-year-old was able to tour nations such together Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, follow to Not to mention, she was also the former spokesmodel and mentor for Varsity spirit Fashions and also University Cheerleaders Association. As well as her days as a cheerleader and her success in receiving a Bachelor"s Degree, the reality star also supports charities both locally and nationally, consisting of Operation Smile, The community Partners that Dallas, and also Folds of Honor. In 2016, Brandi starred in RHOD alongside carry Deuber, Tiffany Hendra, Stephanie Hollman, and LeeAnne Locken. Funny fact: RHOD originally emphasize women who were associated in the charity step in Dallas, do Brandi a perfect an option for the cast. She also has one online clothes boutique dubbed Brandi Land with her sister-in-law.

Brandi Redmond
Brandi"s husband, Bryan, is the starting Principal and CIO of Suntex Marinas, a luxury real legacy developer for marinas, follow to his LinkedIn page. He has been v the genuine estate firm for over 12 years. With Brandi"s present salary from RHOD (which is unknown), her online boutique, and also her husband"s income, Brandi had amassed an estimated net precious of $4 million. Other than make a decent salary native the show, Brandi has likewise become an extremely close to costar Stephanie Hollman. Because season one, these two have actually been thick as thieves, even after their fallout in season two. After coming to be close again, the friends began a podcast referred to as Weekly dose of B‪S. The women talk about everything native RHOD, to death, and any funny antics the girl have found themselves in.

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As because that Brandi"s Instagram, she will regularly share picture of herself through her family, and will also share a glamorous selfie now and then. Because that Brandi, household is everything to her and that seems an extremely evident from her social media.

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