Musician and also actor Jon Bon Jovi is ideal known together the lead singer and founder the the rock tape Bon Jovi.

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Who Is Jon Bon Jovi?

Jon Bon Jovi knew in his beforehand teens the he want to be a rock star. He developed the tape Bon Jovi in the 1980s, which ended up being popular for its strength ballads, soaring guitar riffs and well-crafted melodies. Jon Bon Jovi has additionally acted in such films as The leading Man and also was a recurring character on TV's Ally McBeal. Today he continues to carry out with his legendary band Bon Jovi. Their current albums encompass What about Now (2013), Burning Bridges (2015) and This home Is not For Sale (2016).

Early Life and Career

John Francis Bongiovi Jr. Was born on march 2, 1962, in Perth Amboy, brand-new Jersey. That was elevated by his parents, Carol and John Bongiovi, a hairdresser. Through his early teens, he to be hanging out at regional clubs, convinced that sooner or later he would be a rock star.

Idolizing local rising stars such together Bruce Springsteen and the Asbury Jukes, Jon was playing in clubs by the moment he to be 16. The met keyboardist David Bryan in high school, and the two developed a ten-piece rhythm and also blues band referred to as Atlantic City Expressway. Jon likewise performed through bands dubbed The Rest, The Lechers and John Bongiovi and the Wild Ones.

Albums and also Songs


In 1980, Jon videotaped his very first single, Runaway, in ~ his cousin's studio, v back-up through studio musicians. A regional radio station consisted of the tune on a compilation tape, and also it began to get regular airplay. The success the Runaway got Jon noticed, and also he realized the he'd need more than session players if he want to capitalize on his success.

Jon dubbed David, who consequently tapped Alec john Such, Tico Torres and guitarist Richie Sambora. Throughout a present in new York in 1983, the band caught the attention of document executive Derek Shulman, who signed them to PolyGram. It to be Shulman who anglicized john Bongiovi's surname to Bon Jovi.

'Bon Jovi,' '7800° Fahrenheit'

The group's self-titled debut came out on January 21, 1984. Filled with their now-signature strength ballads underscored through soaring etc riffs and well-crafted melodies, the album went gold. In April 1985 Bon Jovi released the follow-up album, 7800° Fahrenheit, i m sorry was renowned with fans but less so v critics, who were turned turn off by the hard-rock band's manicured image and formulaic style.

Opening because that the Scorpions, Kiss and Judas priest on tour aided Bon Jovi develop up a substantial fan base that appreciated the group's rugged, soulful repertoire of songs around how difficult it was to it is in a teenager.

'Slippery when Wet'

The tape responded come tepid an essential praise v its third album, Slippery once Wet, which go gold and also platinum all at once within 6 weeks the its release. Powered by songs prefer "Livin' top top a Prayer" and also "Wanted Dead or Alive," the album marketed in overabundance of 14 million copies, placing it in the same organization as Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Going Solo: 'Young weapons II' and 'Blaze the Glory'

After the band entered temporary retirement in 1989, Jon focused on his solo career and appeared in his very first movie, Young firearms II, because that which he winner he won a gold Globe for finest Song, Blaze of Glory.



Jon Bon Jovi performs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in November 2013.

Photo: Michael Zorn/Getty Images

Hall of call and brand-new Music

In so late 2017, marking an exceptional journey that produced an approximated 130 million records sold, Bon Jovi was elected to the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame.

Not all set to retiree their tools just yet, the band released the single "Unbroken" in November 2019 and followed v "Limitless" in February 2020, front of the anticipated release of the album 2020, which come out on October 2, 2020.

Films and also TV Shows

In the '90s, Jon stretched his talents by nurturing an acting career with starring roles in Moonlight and also Valentino and also The top Man. He likewise appeared in a handful of independent films, including Pay the Forward and U-571. ~ above television, he was a constant guest star ~ above Ally McBeal till the series finale in 2002.

Business and also Foundation

Bon Jovi also made headlines in 2004 as soon as he ended up being a co-founder and also a majority owner that the Arena soccer League's Philadelphia Soul. (He later on parted means with the team.) The following year, he and also the band donated $1 million to Oprah Winfrey's angel Network.

In 2006, Bon Jovi developed what is now called the Jon Bon Jovi spirit Foundation. The organization helps money "innovative ar efforts to rest the bicycle of poverty and homelessness," follow to its website.

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Personal Life

Bon Jovi married his high college sweetheart Dorothea Hurley, a karate instructor, in 1989. Castle have 4 children, Stephanie, Jesse, Jacob and Romeo Jon.

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