Dylan is well-known as among the biggest songwriters of every time and is also an author and visual artist.

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Dylan was born in Duluth, Minnesota on might 24, 1941.

He is right now 80 year old.

Throughout his life, Dylan has actually been married twice.

His an initial marriage was to Sara Dylan native 1965 come 1977 adhering to their divorce, Dylan gained re-married almost a decade later on to Carolyn Dennis.

The 2 tied the node in 1986 however parted ways shortly after ~ in 1992.

What has actually Bob Dylan to be accused of?

In a lawsuit filed on Friday, august 13, 2021, the legend singer was accused of accused sexually abusing a 12-year-old and also giving her drugs and also alcohol in a NYC hotel ago in 1965.

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According to papers filed in ~ the Manhattan can be fried Court, Dylan supplied his fame to gain control of the victim, that is referred to as, "J.C," - “as component of his setup to sexually molest and abuse.”

The sue alleges: “Bob Dylan, end a six-week period between April and also May the 1965 befriended and also established one emotional connection with the plaintiff."

It is unknown how much the lawsuit is for together J.C is seeking a jury trial.

J.C.’s lawyer, Daniel Isaacs, said The write-up on Monday, “The complain speaks for itself,” and the declined to comment further.

In response, Dylan's spokesman told The write-up the very same day that, “This 56-year-old insurance claim is untrue and also will be vigorously defended.”


Bob Dylan is 80 years oldCredit: Getty

What is Bob Dylan's network worth?

This is not the very first lawsuit to come Dylan's way.

Back in July the 2021, Dylan winner an unrelated sue in Manhattan can be fried Court ~ being sue by Claudia Levy, the mam of so late songwriter Jacques Levy, that was spring for part of the $400 million he got after selling his tune catalogue to global Music publishing Group.

Levy suggested that she late husband's estate to be owed 35 percent “of the acquisition price” Dylan got, but his lawyers said that under a 1975 contract the Dylan and Jacques signed, the heritage was only entitled come 35 percent in royalties, and also a referee agreed.

While Levy was seeking $7.25 million, also if Dylan had lost, it would certainly not have actually put a dent in his multi-million dollar net worth.

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According come Celebrity network Worth, together of 2021, Dylan has an approximated net worth of $350 million.

His considerable net worth comes from his career as a musician and also song-writer.

If friend or someone you recognize is impacted by any of the worries raised in this story, call RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest nationwide Network) at 800-656-HOPE (4673).