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Born:July 22, 1923 (age 98)Kansas...(Show more)Title / Office:United states Senate (1969-1996), unified States...(Show more)Political Affiliation:Republican Party...(Show more)Awards and Honors:Presidential Medal of flexibility (1997)...(Show more)Notable family members Members:spouse Elizabeth Dole...(Show more)

Bob Dole, byname that Robert Joseph Dole, (born July 22, 1923, Russell, Kansas, U.S.), American politician who served in the U.S. Senate (1969–96) and who was the Republican Party’s nominee because that president in 1996 however lost to bill Clinton.

Dole to be born into a working-class family and also left the college of Kansas to serve in the army during world War II. He ended up being a second lieutenant and also was serious wounded during fighting in Italy. His recuperation from practically total paralysis took almost four years, and, regardless of three major operations, he was left without the use of his best arm and hand. He returned to school and graduated through a law level from Washburn Municipal college in Topeka, Kansas.

From 1951 to 1953 Dole was a Republican member the the Kansas state legislature, and also he after that served four terms as the Russell county prosecuting attorney. Indigenous 1961 come 1969 he was a Republican member the the U.S. House of Representatives. He was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1968 and also was reelected consistently thereafter. He likewise served (1971–73) as chairman of the Republican nationwide Committee under Pres. Richard M. Nixon.

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In 1984 Dole, who was recognized as a realistic conservative, ended up being leader that his party in the Senate, and he twice offered as majority leader (1984–86; 1994–96). He was selected through Pres. Gerald R. Ford together the vice presidential candidate in the 1976 election, and also after your defeat the unsuccessfully sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1980 and 1988. After finally clinching his party’s nomination because that president in march 1996, he retired from the Senate in June to dedicate himself wholly to the campaign, naming former congressman Jack Kemp as his to run mate. Dole was defeated in November when Pres. Bill Clinton won election to a second term.