Robert wilhelm Barker is a retired American game show host. That is known for hosting CBS"s The Price Is right from 1972 come 2007, ending up being the longest work game display in north American television history. He is additionally known come the host reality or The results from 1956 come 1975. Born in Darrington, Washington under modest circumstances, Barker join the united state Navy during civilization War II. He functioned part-time in radio when attending college. In 1950, he moved to California to go after a career in broadcasting. He gained his own radio show, The Bob Barker Show, to run for 6 years. Barker started his game present career in 1956, hosting fact or Consequences. Indigenous there, he organized various video game shows and Miss Universe and Miss USA contests native 1967 to 1987, making that the longest running hold of those contests. He began hosting The Price Is best in 1972 .

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BornRobert wilhelm Barker, December 12, 1923, Darrington, Washington, U.S.
EducationDrury university (BA)
OccupationTelevision personality, game show host
Years active1950–2007
TelevisionThe Price Is Right, reality or Consequences

About Bob Barker

He was noted for his charm and his small microphone together the organize of fact or consequences and The Price Is Right. For nearly two decades, he likewise hosted the miss out on Universe and Miss USA pageants.

Bob Barker before fame

Drury College offered him a basketball scholarship.

Achievement of Bob Barker

"One dollar, Bob," people would to speak on The Price Is Right.

Bob Barker family life

In 1945, he married Dorothy Jo Gideon.

Associations that Bob Barker

He was replaced by attracted Carey top top the daytime Game present The Price is Right.

Top truth You Did no Know about Bob Barker

Emmy Day compensation for superior Winning video game Host. The Sioux. Fair price. The hold of the beauty, beauty contest. Indigenous American male actor. United says Naval Reserve. American game host

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The Price Is appropriate Host attracted Carey says He Knew that "Could never ever Be Bob Barker and also Didn"t want to Try"

"His advice was "Don"t try to copy me. Simply make it your very own show," " attracted Carey tells PEOPLE about his predecessor Bob Barker...

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Many understand Bob Barker together the organize of "The Price is Right". After year of retirement, is Bob Barker tho alive, and, if so, what"s he increase to?...