You likely recognize that legendary singer Billy Joel has actually a 35-year-old daughter Alexa beam Joel, v ex Christie Brinkley. The piano man and his singer-songwriter daughter have even shared the stage together. Yet Billy is a bit much more private once it pertains to his younger daughters, six-year-old Della Joel and three-year-old Remy Joel. However, on Thursday, the 72-year-old music legend shared a series of adorable photos of his younger daughters, who definitely take after their dad. To check out the sweet photos of Billy"s young lookalikes, read on.

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On Aug. 12, Billy took to Instagram come share a grasp of picture of his precious middle child. "Happy 6th Birthday Della Rose! On your birthday, the reminds us of how grateful we space to have you in ours lives," he wrote. "You and your sister have been ours quarantine entertainment. There are no other civilization we would desire to be stuck to at home!!! we love you much more every day and year."


In talking about his younger daughters in 2019, Billy told Rolling stone that having babies in his later on years comes v one significant difference. "People think I"m my kid"s grandfather. Ns take to school and also one of the other parents will go, "Oh, her granddaughter"s for this reason cute." I simply say, "OK, say thanks to you,"" that said. "I didn"t recognize that I would certainly be a dad again in ~ this age, however I"m glad i am. They store you young."

When request if he"s learned more about females by being a father to three daughters, that said, "All mine life"s been women. I was increased by women—my dad wasn"t around. I"ve to be married plenty of times, and I"ve acquired three daughters. So, a lot of estrogen in mine life." (Roderick is Billy"s 4th wife. Prior to Brinkley, he to be married to Elizabeth Weber Small and after ~ divorcing Brinkley, he was married come celebrity cook Katie Lee.)

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He explained his own upbringing together "very gentle." "It was really loving, an extremely warm, and I evaluate that about women," Billy said. "I see that in my daughters too. I"m gonna lug up these youngsters who one day will be mother themselves, and also I expect they"re choose my mom."

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