Bolling: “It is past inappropriate because that anyone to carry in the tragic death of my kid Eric chase Bolling”

Ousted Fox News personality Eric Bolling on Monday driven back versus fellow Fox alum invoice O’Reilly, who said that the death of Bolling’s boy last month was pertained to allegations made versus his father earlier this year.

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“I think it is beyond inappropriate for anyone to carry in the tragic fatality of my boy Eric chase Bolling,” Bolling stated in a statement. “My parting native Fox News remained in no way connected come the tragic news of mine son’s passing.

“The coroner has in reality indicated to us that they think it was an accident,” the added.

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Eric chase Bolling, in ~ right, with his father, Eric Bolling, in an undated photograph.

The statement came as a rebuke of comment by O’Reilly, that was himself ousted through Fox amid sexual harassment allegations. “I urge you to think around what you placed in her newspaper,” O’Reilly called The brand-new York Times. “Eric Bolling’s boy is dead. He’s dead because of allegations make — in mine opinion and I recognize this to be true — versus Mr. Bolling.”

O’Reilly later apologized to Bolling in two statements ~ above Twitter, calling that a “stand up male who deserves the respect I have for him.”

Apologies come Eric Bolling and prayers because that him and his family. The message I tried to send was the allegations harm kids. Naught more.

— bill O'Reilly (
BillOReilly) October 23, 2017

Eric Bolling is a was standing up male who deserves the respect I have actually for him.

— bill O'Reilly (
BillOReilly) October 23, 2017

Eric follow Bolling, 19, passed away in September in one apartment near the 28th Street Frontage road and village Drive in Boulder. The Boulder ar coroner’s office would certainly not talk about Bolling’s declare or the cause of his son’s death, pending the results of toxicology tests. Some outlets have actually attributed the fatality to an accidental drug overdose.

Bolling had been suspended due to the fact that August end allegations he sent out lewd photos come female coworkers. Fox News announced last month that it had parted ways with Bolling. The had worked at Fox for about 10 years.

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