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On Wednesday, Beyoncé mutual a video montage ~ above Instagram i m sorry featured a timeline of all 28 of her own Grammy compensation wins — the most wins by any type of female artist — as well together a distinct tribute to she daughter, Blue Ivy, that won her very first Grammy in ~ this year's 2021 awards show.

The clip had photos from every of Beyoncé's desire wins, consisting of the moment she took home the prize for best R&B performance Sunday for she hit monitor "Black Parade."

At the finish of the video, the mommy three concentrated her attention on Blue Ivy, 9, and also her success in the finest music video category because that Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl" video.

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The singer, 39, very first shared a shoot of Blue Ivy from the music video clip before featuring photos of she daughter posing v her very first Grammy.

In the adorable snaps, Blue Ivy is viewed smiling if holding the yellow trophy and also sporting a matching gold crown with different colored jewels.

One that the shots likewise features the youngster feather cool and also casual together she sips a drink out of she Grammy native a blue-and-white stripe straw.




Blue Ivy is now the second youngest artist to ever before win a Grammy compensation following Leah Peasall, that won in ~ the 2001 ceremony for her work-related on the album that the year-winning soundtrack to O Brother, wherein Art Thou? at age 8.

"Brown Skin Girl," among the tracks off of Beyoncé's Lion King companion album, The Lion King: The Gift, gained a independent visual treatment on YouTube last August.

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The video clip had previously only been obtainable to Disney+ subscribers together a component of Beyoncé's most recent musical film, Black Is King, which dropped solely on the streaming organization at the end of July.

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