The autonomous primary ar has winnowed significantly in current weeks—but Bernie Sanders remains a solid contender. Top top the long project trail, he"s to be kept firm by his spouse and close politics advisor, jane O"Meara Sanders.Bernie has explained Jane together "one of my crucial advisors," and she is credited with helping him draft much more than 50 piece of legislation during his time in Congress.

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In Bernie Sanders"s lengthy career in national politics, he"s always had one steadfast proponent: his wife, mrs O"Meara Sanders. And she"s to be a constant presence throughout his 2020 presidential campaign. So just who is woman Sanders, Bernie"s wife and collaborator?

Like Bernie, jane is a indigenous Brooklynite.

Jane was born in Brooklyn, and also attended a Catholic girls" high institution there before enrolling in undergrad in ~ the university of Tennessee. She left prior to finishing college to have her three kids with her first husband, David Driscoll, and also would later on receive her level from Goddard university in Vermont.

In the 1980s, Jane functioned in the Juvenile division of the Burlington Police Department, and later as a neighborhood organizer in ~ King Street Area Youth Center. That was during that time the she met Bernie Sanders, when he to be mounting his an initial campaign for Burlington mayor. "I to be sitting in the second row, and our eyes met, but we didn’t really talk afterwards," Jane called the Irish Times the hearing him speak top top the project trail. "I feel it come from the heart, whatever he said. He embodied everything I ever thought in."


They soon began dating, and also wed in 1988. When Jane and also Bernie don’t have kids together, they have a blended family and consider each other’s children their own: heather Titus, Carina Driscoll, and also Dave Driscoll native Jane’s first marriage, and also Levi Sanders from Bernie’s.

During Bernie"s career in congress, woman was ideal by his side.

Jane worked with Bernie because that years in an unofficially capacity, but once that was chosen to conference in 1990, her function increased in scope. She became her husband"s cook of staff and policy advisor, back she didn"t take a salary for her work.

A 1996 article in the Washington Post credited her v writing 50 piece of legislation throughout her six years together Bernie in Washington. She likewise helped Bernie discovered the steady Caucus in 1991.


Her 2000s-era tenure as the chairman of Burlington College has come under fire.

After 6 years in Bernie"s congressional office, woman was readily available a task as provost in ~ Goddard College, where she"d completed her studies. "When Bernie to be elected, that said, "Bet you never ever thought you"d be married to a congressman,"" she called the Washington Post at the time. "The other day, ns said, gambling you never ever thought you"d it is in married come a provost.""

That lead to her project as president of Burlington College, where she operated from 2004 come 2011. Burlington shuttered in may of 2016, as result of financial difficulties. The school provided in a declare at the time that the couldn"t manage the "crushing load of the debt" incurred from the acquisition of a brand-new campus—a decision make under jane Sanders"s leadership.

In 2017, news damaged that the FBI and also Department the Justice were investigating the real estate deal. According to the Washington Post, Burlington College"s trustees stated that woman had detailed false information around the amounts and timing of specific donations on records given to a state bonding company and a bank.

In November that 2018, the U.S. Attorney"s office in Vermont notified Jane the they had actually concluded your investigation, and would not carry charges.


Recently, woman co-founded the Sanders Institute.

The Sanders Institute, a progressive think tank, was started less than two years back by mrs Sanders and also her boy David Driscoll. On march 15, 2019, the institute announced that it would stop accepting donations and also shut down operations, at the very least for the duration of Bernie Sanders"s presidential campaign. In a push release, Driscoll defined that "continuing our active duty in policy advance may create the false impression the the academy is component of the campaign."

The organization had been criticized because that blurring the line in between campaigning and nonprofit work—something Bernie alleged was the situation with the Clinton foundation during the 2016 race. Jane said the New York Times the these compare weren"t at the front of your minds.

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"We didn’t think around the Clinton or the trumped foundation," she said. "We simply thought, I’m going come be very active ... It’s just too mushy—it could come to be too mushy. We wanted to safeguard it. It’s a suspension, no a shutdown."


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