It was difficult to disregard the truth that Arie Luyendyk Jr. Had crazy chemistry through nanny Bekah Martinez ~ above this season of The Bachelor. The adorable pixie-haired brunette left fairly an impression once she arrived in a vintage Mustang, and the duo absolutely engaged in your fair re-superstructure of PDA. The just problem? Arie didn"t know how old Bekah is… until nearly midway through the competition. On the Jan. 22 episode, the pair go on a one-on-one day — and she was ultimately forced to reveal her period to Arie.

"My are afraid with you is the you could be whereby I remained in my 20s. Ns think it"s a precious fear," Arie confessed during dinner before dropping the question every one of Bachelor country has been asking: "How old are you?" no surprisingly, Bekah was cynical to respond. "I don"t desire to say due to the fact that I haven"t been wanting you to see me with the lens of my age," she explained. After telling him the she"s only 22, the race auto driver couldn"t hide his shock. "You are so young," the exclaimed, before admitting the he"s worried she"s not ready to work out down. "I"m not here for a 22-year-old girlfriend, I"m here for a wife," that told the camera. Unfortunately, Arie was unable to shake off those reservations, and also Bekah was sent house just one episode later on — and to be still a vast topic the conversation on the Women call All special.

Scroll down for more info top top the maybe following Bachelorette — and also check out our spoilers if you simply can"t wait to check out who Arie picks in the end!

Bekah hinted at she age throughout her "sexy" non-limo entrance.

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Yes, the California aboriginal looks super young, but sometimes looks deserve to be deceiving — not in this case, though! in ~ 22, she"s 14 year younger than Arie. After ~ stepping the end of she cherry red car to satisfy the genuine estate agent for the first time, Bekah said, "I may be young, yet I have the right to still appreciate something classic." our 36-year-old suitor was clearly a small too mesmerized come see any red flags. "She is so beautiful" was every Arie can muster together she go away.

In a trailer released before the season even started airing, the various other women speculate end whether or not Bekah"s period will be a deal-breaker. "I think she is wake up to call Arie just how old she is," single mom Chelsea Roy speak the camera. The following shot shows Bekah sobbing and saying, "I"m, like, sick of civilization saying that." transforms out, they to be right.

Knowing exactly how old Bekah is, fans room creeped out by her and also Arie"s extreme make-out sessions.

The duo mutual their an initial kiss during the demolition derby group day in episode 2, and also there to be A the majority of tongue. They additionally got busy on the front measures of the mansion. However people on Twitter to be not into it. "Anyone rather disturbed city hall Arie kiss Bekah? choose it looks favor she’s making out v her dad," one viewer wrote, while an additional added, "Watching Arie make out with his daughter… I median Bekah."

Apparently, neither one thought the other liked lock on Night 1. "When you, obviously, rolled up and you were similar to cool and amazing, i was like, "I don"t understand if she likes me,"" Arie admitted come the art enthusiast, who responded through disbelief. However their hardcore kissing changed his mental (naturally). "I was literally thinking, "He seems cool but, like, I"m not sure if I"m, like, a girl he might be into,"" Bekah then confessed.

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She"s not also young because that a ~serious~ relationship.

Bekah revealed to Arie that her previous connection lasted for virtually three years prior to she auditioned for the show — so she has actually some experience when it concerns love. "It was just one the those things where we were just going in various directions," she called Arie. "And actually he to be the one who damaged up with me. At first, I assumed I to be devastated and also heartbroken and then i realized, "Oh, I assumed I loved you therefore much," and I thought I remained in love and I feel like a burden was lifted off my shoulders now that we"re not together anymore." Obviously, Arie might relate after his unanticipated breakup with previous Bachelorette Emily Maynard. "That can happen in a relationship," the said. "As shortly as it"s over, it have the right to be a relief and sometimes you deserve to have a breakup and also you deserve to be heartbroken because that a lengthy time."

She has desires of owning an art studio.

In her Bachelor bio, the LA resident opened up up around where she"d favor to view herself in 5 years (aka in ~ 27). "Teaching arts or owning an art studio because that children, hopefully, married and planning to have babies," Bekah shared. She likewise admitted the she"s most afraid of "being trapped in one unfulfilling life" and losing her support system.

She"s a daddy"s girl.

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Let"s get past every one of those pistol Arie comparisons, chandelier we? as soon as asked that she admires most in the world, Bekah answered, "My dad. He"s extremely wise and confident, he loves his family and wife an ext than anything, and also he to know what the wants and also goes because that it."

She supplied to have actually blonde hair.

here"s a pic the boney lil me with some new blonde-ass hairs this past weekend