Becky G increased to reputation seemingly overnight. Most world know the "Shower" singer from her musical collaborations v artists such as, Pitbull, and Cody Simpson. However, prior to the superstar began working with such A-list artists, she to be making videos and also putting them on YouTube, prefer so many other young singers.

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From a young age, Becky G knew that music to be going to it is in a need in her life. She place a lot of herself in the songs that she writes, and yet, there room still so plenty of things the her fans don"t know around her. From her household life come her skilled career, right here is the untold truth of Becky G.

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Becky G thrived up in Inglewood, California, and during an interview with Good work LA, Becky G defined that she is the earliest of four kids. Her parents were high college sweethearts, and by the time her mom was 23 years old, castle were currently a household of six. 

During an interview v a Los Angeles Times reporterBecky G additionally elaborated ~ above her household life, saying that due to financial struggles and a bad economy, they shed their house. In ~ 9 years old, Becky G, she parents, her 2 brothers and also younger sisters all had to move right into her grandparents" convert garage. She recalled feeling so helpless. "That was literally mine mid-life situation when ns was ripe years old. That"s when I felt like, "Okay, i gotta gain my life together. What am i gonna do?"" she explained.

Plus, having three siblings and tons the cousins provided her the motivation to do every little thing it required to stand out. She joked with Rolling Stone, "You gotta carry out something to get people"s attention as soon as there"s new babies every three weeks.... My means was simply being extra loud."

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Becky G frequently jokes around her beforehand start together a woman rapper. When asked if she was much more attached to rapping or singing during her interview v Musik, she to be visibly torn. She felt favor her love because that both to be equal, but included that she did start singing an initial when she was 9 years old, yet her attention in rapping came 2 years later. 

She laughed, saying, "Rapping didn"t come until I to be eleven, which is stunner still since that"s therefore young. Who desires to be a rapper, you know, when you"re eleven years old? but I simply loved it."

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Like so plenty of other artists dice to do it large in the music industry, Becky G turned come the internet for help. She started posting YouTube videos and also covers, yet it was she cover that Kanye West"s tune "Otis" that changed her life when it went viral. It recorded the attention of Dr. Luke, the renowned producer.

Dr. Luke has actually been behind numerous hits, such together Katy Perry"s "Roar" and also Kesha"s "Timber", yet according come ABC News, his specialty is "turning obscure teens into budding popular music stars." Becky G recalls meeting him for the first time, saying, "I song songs come him on the guitar. I was like, "Here, these are several of the songs that I"ve recorded and also written," just started laying it every out. In 10 minutes, he readily available me my deal."

In that same interview, Becky G defined that she feels prefer she has actually a "second family" through her Kemosabe/RCA record label and Dr. Luke. 

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Similar to how Disney asked Demi Lovato to fix she tooth gap, many people simply assumed the Becky G would desire to do her pearly white skin - man even more "perfect." specifically in Hollywood, there is a vast expectation of perfection. However, Becky G has no plan of conforming for anyone.

In she interview with ABC News, she claims her trademark tooth void is right here to stay, saying, "The pan love it and then the haters dislike it, of course," she said. "It"s funny since so many civilization have assumed, they"re like, "Wow, aren"t you rich now? Couldn"t you afford braces?" I"m like, "Yeah, I might afford braces, yet why must I adjust myself to it is in what anyone else desires me to be when I"m okay with who i am and also I"m happy with who ns am?""

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Becky G admits that she"s never had a desire to get her driver"s license. The singer opened up to ABC News, saying, "I might be the one v the talent, but I don"t have my license," Becky said, laughing. "I need mom to drive me around and also I require dad to still it is in bread winner that the house."

Becky walk on to define that she didn"t feeling the need to obtain her license. She delighted in taking naps in the car and also never want to it is in alone, because she flourished up approximately so numerous people. However, she go buy herself a car before even getting her license. Ultimately, what motivated her to ultimately take her test to be the truth that she to be going to be filming a movie that required her to drive.

Of course, once you room super busy traveling the world and also going on tour, it might be hard to find time to practice for your driving test. However, Becky G did require to Snapchat (viaM magazine) to reveal once she passed.

During Becky G"s march 2017 interview v Wendy Williams, Wendy lugged up the evident fact that the budding star had actually recently come into a great amount that money. Any kind of time there is a massive examine given come you, the usual following question is, "what room you going come buy with it?" as soon as Wendy asked Becky G, she responded by saying, "I think when I was ultimately in a place where ns knew I might make a big step together an adult, I acquired my household a brand-new home."

Becky remembers it being a large moment because that her and also her whole family. She also adds the her parents want to provide her the master bedroom, yet it feeling wrong. However, she walk use fifty percent of their closet due to the fact that she has a the majority of stuff.

Becky G starred together Trini, the yellow strength Ranger, in the Power Rangers movie that was exit in in march of 2017. Her character turns out come be gay in the movie, and also when TMZ inquiry her how she felt about playing the first gay power Ranger, she said, "I think it"s something really beautiful. It renders me sad the it"s together a huge deal since I feel like it might have to be done such a long time ago, and also it renders me really proud."

Becky G also opened as much as Wendy Williams about landing the role, saying, "Originally I had actually no idea i was even auditioning for the power Rangers. There was no title, no personality name, no personality breakdown. Ns was just sent some lines and also my agent said, "do a selftape.""

However, Becky G defined that she nearly did not carry out the selftape because she to be on tourism at the time, and also there were a lot of of civilization in her tour bus. She felt like she didn"t have actually the time or an are to perform it. However, Becky G stated her agent begged she to carry out it, for this reason she offered in. Lock loved her tape, and after she finished she tour, she met v Lionsgate and also went with a officially casting procedure — and the rest is history. 

In Becky G"s "Why ns Vote" campaign, she talks about the American dream, and also how lot it has actually personally influenced her together a second generation American. She grandparents top top both sides involved America simply because they wanted better lives for their families. Becky G"s father was the an initial born American and his parents described him together their "little miracle baby" because he adjusted it all.

Becky G flourished up visiting Mexico fairly often, and also she describes her experience there as life-changing, eye opening and humbling. She would see houses without roofs or furniture. She credits her work-related ethic and also her ambitious to her parents and also grandparents. The will they had to keep fighting and the courage they necessary in stimulate to hold onto the hope for a far better future continues to inspire Becky everyday.

There is no doubt that Becky G comes from humble beginnings. Fortunately, she recognizes how lucky and blessed she is to have actually been offered the methods she has in life. Throughout an interview through Wendy Williams, Becky G compares it s her to the kids in the movie, Willy Wonka and also the cacao Factory. She refers to the golden tickets, and explains how there were so many chocolate bars, however only a couple of golden tickets.

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To this day, she quiet goes ~ above YouTube and also finds so numerous amazingly talented people, and it reminds her the she was the one who obtained that golden ticket. She defined to Wendy, saying, "I got that gold ticket. So, I"m therefore blessed and it"s for this reason crazy that it happened due to the fact that of the internet."

Becky G required to Instagram the job after she 2017 Thanksgiving celebration, in order to reflect on she life, she family, and her career. She also spoke about the occasional "bad things" that occur to her and also how she is thankful because that them since they do her stronger.

"I newly opened up around my battle with major anxiety. When I was 15, during what we contact "family meetings", I had my an initial attack. I quit breathing. My body took control against me. After finishing up in the hospital, my parental promised me the I would certainly never have to confront a challenge, fear, or push too big that would cause alone."

Becky G credits her household for just about everything. They room there for she whether it"s with FaceTime when she is in another country having an stress attack, or right next to her, share the highlights of her career through her. She provides her parents and her whole family so lot credit, and claims she wouldn"t know what to perform without them. She concludes by saying, "They"re everything to me. I love them through all mine heart."