BEAR Brown and also Raiven Adams native Alaskan bush People have had actually an on-and-off connection for a number of years.

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They welcomed a boy together, a boy named River Anthony Billy Isaiah Brown in late 2020, despite the reported anxiety in your relationship.


Bear Brown is a cast member ~ above Discovery's Alaskan bush People, a show around a family members attempting come navigate the wilderness and also detach from modern-day society.

On April 1, 2021, bear announced he to be quitting the collection "due to events" he couldn't yet comment on online. Fans to be hoping it was an April stupid prank.

He later evidenced it was an April Fools hoax "in poor taste."

"My apologies! I'm definitely not leaving the present I setup on filming until I'm an old man!!!" that wrote.

The pair met at Bear's brother's wedding in 2018.

Raiven to be assisting she mom, Kassidy, who was hired together a photographer for the event.

"Her mom has always had a passion for photography and Raiven helps her out v weddings and other photoshoots indigenous time come time," bear once defined to People.


more happiness times because that the Brown familyCredit: Instagram

The couple went public with their partnership in august 2019 and also shortly afterwards announced your engagement on Instagram.

Just 2 weeks later, they dubbed it quits.

While the pair did not specifically mention their reasons for separating, Raven take it once an ext to Instagram to write-up a message.

"It’s been a long battle for me to decision what I should do. What I have to say... Ns think this life is too lot for me," she wrote.

"The drama, the short articles the harassment.

"The mean civilization who have actually nothing better to do.

"And due to that, and Several other reasons me and bear have chose to stay friends.

"Sometimes two people are intended to be in every other’s life.... However not the means they thought.

"Wishing the wolf pack every one of the finest luck on every adventure."

Are the pair with each other now?

It's uncertain if Raiven and Bear are currently together, yet fans think there is tension in between the pair.

The on/off couple had formerly split before River was born and Raiven filed a restraining order against her infant daddy, accusing the of threatening her and also drug usage - yet the stimulate was later dropped.

Raiven alleged the would use a firearm together "intimidation" and told she "gun regulations didn't use to him," according to court papers first obtained by The Blast in February 2020.

She declared he made hazards of retaliation if she were to ever go public with the information and alleged he started exhibiting "erratic" and also "abusive" habits fueled by the drug "cocaine" if they were dating.

The warring pair then rejoined last September when Raiven and also River saw visit bear after your vicious custody fight over your son.


Alaskan bush People's be affected by each other Brown accused of 'abusive, erratic' behavior, gun threats and also drug use by infant mamaCredit: Instagram

Although the pair appeared to have reconciled, they room rumored to have separation again after be afflicted with snubbed Raiven on worldwide Women's Day, if she appeared to memory River's 1st date of birth without him.

The recent rumored rift come a month after ~ Bear's dad Billy tragically died at the period of 68 after suffering a seizure in the family’s Washington home top top February 7.

How many kids do they have together?

Raiven gave bear to river Brown on march 9, 2020.

River Anthony was born prematurely.

In a bitter court battle, Raiven demanded single custody the their son after be afflicted with filed because that joint custody, alongside confirmation that he to be the father of the young boy.

Raiven's court filing read: “It is in the finest interests that the minor son that defendant Raiven Adams have sole legal custody of the young child.”

The documents also read it is in River’s finest interests because that Raiven to have “primary physics custody the the boy child.”


Raiven Adams and also newborn child River AnthonyCredit: Instagram

The Sun specifically revealed that just days ~ Raiven offered birth, be affected by each other filed records claiming that wasn't the legal dad of the newborn.

The petition would have actually freed bear of the responsibility to pay boy support and other jae won responsibilities.

However, the exploration Channel star later demanded joint custody the River if a DNA test showed he is the father.

Bear claimed his an initial filing to be a “court error.”

He filed a petition previously in march to establish himself together the child's father.


be afflicted with Brown filed a petition developing himself as his son's fatherCredit: Instagram

Bear took to Instagram to express his discontent, claiming that he was trying to acquire "equal rights" together the child's father.

“Hello everyone! over there is something i would like to say! 1. The was two days after flow was born prior to anyone said me! 2. Ns am no trying come un-establish myself together River’s dad, ns am do the efforts to develop myself as his dad, therefore that i will have equal legal rights as a parent!” Brown explained.

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Brown added, “When mine petition to be filed there to be a mistake in the order, that was supposed to say i’m trying to establish myself as Rivers ad! not un-establish! Please inspect the court records and also you will discover the mistake has actually been rectified. Ns will always consider myself Rivers dad! say thanks to you everybody for sticking through me! stay healthy and God bless!”

What is bear Brown's network worth?

Bear - who's full name is Solomon Isiah flexibility "Bear" Brown - is apparently worth $160,000.