President Bashar al-Assad swears the presidential oath for a 4th term in Damascus, Syria top top Saturday. Photograph: Sana/Reuters
President Bashar al-Assad swears the presidential oath because that a fourth term in Damascus, Syria on Saturday. Photograph: Sana/Reuters

President Bashar al-Assad took the oath that office for a 4th term in war-ravaged Syria top top Saturday, after officially win 95% that the poll in an choice dismissed abroad.

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It to be the second presidential poll due to the fact that the begin of a decade-long civil war that has actually killed almost half a million people and also battered the country’s infrastructure.

Shortly prior to the ceremony, rockets fired through pro-government pressures killed six human being including three children and also a rescue worker in the country’s last major rebel bastion that Idlib, the Syrian Observatory for person Rights said.


Members of the press carry a body of a victim traction from the wreckage of a home after shelling by the forces of the Bashar al-Assad regime and its allies in Idlib district on 17 July. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesAn AFP correspondent in the town of Sarja saw men work hurriedly to eliminate bodies from the rubble the a broke down home, before carrying one far in a red blanket.

Assad, 55, to be sworn in top top Syria’s constitution and the Koran in the visibility of more than 600 guests, consisting of ministers, businessmen, academics and journalists, organisers said.


President Assad arriving at the swearing in ceremony on Saturday. Photograph: Syrian presidency facebook page/AFP/GettyThe poll “have proven the toughness of popular legitimacy … conferred ~ above the state”, Assad claimed in his inauguration speech.

They “have discredited the declarations of west officials ~ above the legitimacy the the state”.

On the eve of the 26 might election, the united States, Britain, France, Germany and also Italy claimed the poll to be “neither complimentary nor fair”, and also Syria’s broke up opposition has called it a “farce”.

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Syria’s war has displaced millions of world since beginning in 2011 v the repression of anti-government protests. Assad referred to as on “those who bet top top … the collapse of the state” to return to “the homeland’s embrace”.

With his project slogan, “Hope v work”, Assad had actors himself as the single realistic architect of reconstruction.

In his speech, he claimed the emphasis was now on liberating locations still past government control and raising the economy and people’s livelihoods.

After a series of victories against jihadists and rebels with crucial backing indigenous allies Russia and also Iran, government pressures today control two-thirds that Syria. Syria’s previous al-Qaida affiliate runs the the contrary bastion of Idlib in the north-west, wherein Turkish-backed rebels are likewise present.

A Turkish-Russian ceasefire has largely hosted in Idlib because March 2020, ~ halting the latest deadly federal government offensive on the an ar of around three million people. Yet violations of the truce have increased in the southern of the bastion in current weeks, the Britain-based observatory said.

Kurdish-led forces regulate much that the oil-rich east after expelling the Islamic State jihadist group from the an ar with united state backing. And also Turkey and its Syrian proxies hold a lengthy strip of region along the north border.

Assad pledged come wrest staying Syrian are from “the terrorists and also from your Turkish and also American sponsors”.

Assad bring away his oath as the country faces a dire economic crisis. Much more than 80% the the population live in poverty, and the Syrian pound has actually plunged in value against the dollar, causing skyrocketing inflation.

In current weeks, the federal government has hiked the price the petrol, bread, sugar and rice, while strength cuts can last up to 20 hours a day because of fuel shortages. Nationwide, 12.4 million world struggle to discover enough food every day, the human being Food Programme said.

The Damascus government has blamed the country’s financial woes on west sanctions and a deepening dilemm in adjoining Lebanon.

Banks in Lebanon have actually for an ext than a year forbidden depositors indigenous withdrawing your dollar savings, affect Syrian clients. “The biggest obstacle currently is the Syrian accumulation frozen in Lebanese banks,” said Assad, estimating them come amount to tens of billions that dollars.

Syria’s war has cost the country $1.2tn, the world Vision charity estimated.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Assad met the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, making the very first visit through a high-ranking Chinese official to Syria because early 2012. The two men disputed Syria probably taking part in China’s Belt and Road infrastructure and trade initiative, the presidency said.

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Assad was an initial elected by referendum in 2000 adhering to the fatality of his father, Hafez al-Assad, who had ruled Syria for 30 years.